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Chatrium Grand Bangkok Wins LIV Hospitality Design Award

Luxury hotel Chatrium Grand Bangkok has won the prestigious Interior Design Hotel – Luxury award at the 4th Annual LIV Hospitality Design Awards.

The LIV Hospitality Design Awards recognize the finest in architectural and interior design across the global hospitality sector. Since its inception in 2020, the awards have served as an inclusive platform that honors excellence in both living and eating spaces.

These awards are part of the 3C Awards organization, which is dedicated to fostering innovation in Lighting, Furniture, Interior Design, and Architecture.

The LIV Awards, along with related programs such as the BLT Built Design Awards and the SIT Furniture Design Award, are recognized as prestigious design prizes.

This year’s competition attracted a record 540 entries from 43 countries, highlighting innovative architectural and interior design projects that are shaping the future of the hospitality industry.

The design of Chatrium Grand, conceived by the globally recognized Bangkok-based design studio DWP, won the admiration of a distinguished jury comprising over 100 architects, designers, and developers.

Rene Balmer, Group General Manager at Chatrium Hospitality, expressed his excitement: “We are thrilled to be recognized by the LIV Hospitality Design Awards for our stunning new design.”

“We partnered with the talented team at DWP to create a hotel that celebrates the abundance of Thai culture while offering our guests unparalleled comfort and service.”

Chatrium Grand Bangkok elegantly combines a five-star hotel and residence, featuring a nuanced reinterpretation of traditional Thai motifs, symbols, and patterns.

The design, led by notable architect Robert Philip Holmes and DWP (Design Worldwide Partnership), pays tribute to Thailand’s historical richness through a modern lens.

Nampet Petruk, Senior Interior Designer at DWP, spearheaded this project with colleagues Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon, Scott Whittaker, Kanidtha Pattanapanichakul, and Meedatch Inthong.

The concept of “Thai Splendid,” blending Thai traditions with contemporary architectural styles, informs the design narrative. The welcoming ambiance is highlighted by rich gold tones and handcrafted artwork on the walls.

This project’s meticulous attention to every detail exemplifies its commitment to comprehensive design excellence.

Innovative use of Thai motifs, clever spatial planning, and the integration of information technology emphasize the project’s dedication to providing an attractive and sustainable hospitality experience.

The material selection and spatial arrangements were meticulously developed following extensive customer research, allowing guests to engage deeply with authentic Thai culture.

The project seamlessly integrates Thai traditions with contemporary design, striking a balance between innovation, functionality, and aesthetic beauty to offer an unparalleled guest experience.

Scott Whittaker, CEO of DWP, discussed the design inspiration: “Considering the hotel’s central location next to the Sapatham Palace, we aimed to create a design that celebrates the abundance of Thai culture.”

This objective was achieved by incorporating luxurious tones, distinctive art elements such as chada and phum khoa bin patterns, and elegant gold and marble accents.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a lobby that epitomizes elegance and luxury, marked by a striking contrast of polished marble floors, golden walls, and a handcrafted textile feature wall.

This design celebrates progressive themes while respecting the locale’s unique identity, symbolizing Thailand’s dynamic spirit.

The rippling design of the textile wall is reminiscent of the iconic Khlong Saen Saeb canal, historically significant as Bangkok’s lifeline, evoking its past as the “Venice of the East.”

The hotel’s interiors are animated with Thailand’s traditional arts and crafts, brought to life through dramatic installations.

The weaving tradition, fundamental to Thailand’s heritage, is reinterpreted through exquisite lighting fixtures designed by celebrated Bangkok sculptor and designer Korakot Aromdee, resembling ribbons of fabric in motion.

For additional information and reservations, please call 02 126 7999 or visit Chatrium Grand Bangkok’s website.