Protesters Stay Three Days at Government House To Overthrow Prayut

Protesters Stay At Government House to Overthrow Prayut

Protesters seized the area outside the Government House on Wednesday and declared their intention to overthrow Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

According to their claims, they could remain camped at the site for up to three days to pressure the prime minister to step down.

Besides, the yellow-shirted counter-demonstrators ended their show of support for the monarchy.

The Khana Ratsadorn Popular Group, formerly known as the Free People movement, is not only seeking to remove the former coup leader from his current position as Prime Minister but is also demanding that the constitution be rewritten and the monarchy reformed.

Arnon Nampha, one of the group’s leaders, declared: “We have reached our destination”. They arrived at Prayut Chan-o-cha’s office at 2:40 pm, four hours after starting their march from the Democracy Monument.

The number of protesters appeared to be in the tens of thousands. However, one of its leaders claimed there were 300,000.

The people in charge of the protest said they would continue to demonstrate in front of the Government House for at least three days and stated that their objective is to force Prayut to resign.

Protesters at Ratchadamneon Avenue

To date, the demonstrations have been mostly peaceful, with only minor clashes with the police and some of the yellow-shirted pro-royalist groups. The latter ones were bussed by the authorities, according to the reports.

The royalists lined up on Ratchadamneon Avenue as a symbol of their support for His Majesty the King, as the royal caravan moved from the Dusit Palace to the Grand Palace for a religious function.

Suwit Thongprasert, formerly known as Phra Buddha Isara, indicated that they would disperse once the King arrived at the palace.

The Prime Minister was in Pathum Thani to lead the voluntary activities initiated by His Majesty the King. Therefore, his office will be closed today.

On the other hand, the protester leader and political activist Jatupat “Pai Dao Din” Boonpatararaksa was detained last Tuesday at the Democracy Monument along with 20 other people who were participating in an anti-government protest.

According to authorities, he will remain in detention after the court approved a request by the police on Wednesday to detain him for 12 days while they investigate for alleged misconduct.

Concerning said protest, Mr. Japupat faces 12 charges while the rest of the detainees face ten charges.