101 True Digital Park Opens Green Space To Work From

101 True Digital Park in Punnawithi has inaugurated a new green space for new generation professionals to “work from anywhere” while taking care of the environment.

“My Green Work Place” arrives as an ecological area for work and leisure that, with more than 400 seats in nature, seeks to adapt to new styles of work and study.

But it’s also a safe bet for those who want some entertainment, amenities, and safeguards from COVID-19. In addition to having options to eat, shop, relax or socialize, visitors to 101 True Digital Park can also work or study.

It was made especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and students who want to do their homework and relax.

The workspace features the Whizdom Club on the fourth floor, a 90-seat shared space for work or study, and more than 120 seats for private meetings or seminars. Whizdom Club also offers free Wi-Fi, a cafe for food and drinks, and document printing services.

SATI Handcraft Coffee at 101 Gallery on the second floor is also part of the project, accommodating up to six people and offering a stylish setting with free Wi-Fi.

There is also the Hillside Town and Garden on the first to third floors with over 60 outdoor seating in a green environment with clean air and free internet. The Grab & Go Zone on the first floor is another work area with over 200 seats and free Wi-Fi in the food court.

Finally, there is the Event Zone on the second floor with more than 10 seats for everyone who needs to work or relax. It also offers free Wi-Fi.

101 True Digital Park is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.