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Boncafé Thailand Celebrates La San Marco 100th Anniversary

On April 27, Boncafé (Thailand) organized a “Proof of Perfection” event to celebrate its 100th year distributing La San Marco coffee-making machines.

The “La San Marco 100th Anniversary Celebration” also became the ideal spot to launch the exclusive “La San Marco D. Series,” the company’s latest coffee-making machine, inspired by coffee consumption culture and coffee-making innovation.

Boncafé (Thailand) unveiled two models of the San Marco D. Series: the MB and the MBV. Both machines have been designed to meet the innovative needs and desires of the world’s leading baristas.

The San Marco D. Series MB and MBV feature simultaneous temperature and pressure control for espresso shot extraction, promising to deliver perfection in every cup of coffee by improving over 100 profiles.

After unveiling the new machine, three coffee specialists started a workshop on how to create espresso profiles. The group included Asama Coffee & Roastery owner and World Latte Art Championship umpire Asama “Mook” Vichaidit.

The other two specialists were Gateravee “Joe” Phairojchaiyakul, architect, photographer, and owner of 239 Café, and Sarawut “Bank” Manngan, barista at Roots Coffee Roaster, owner of Sukhumvit Street Coffee, and national and international competitive Latte Art winner.

Those who attended the 100th-anniversary event were also invited to join an Espresso Profiling Workshop with three coffee specialists who tried out the San Marco D Series MBV.

Such specialists used Single Origin coffee beans from Craze Café, grown in Kenya AA Top Thika, Rwanda Murumba and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wote Konga, to find the perfect coffee profile.

The Espresso Profiling Workshop also opened the doors for the upcoming Thai Coffee Profiling Challenge (TCPC).

Boncafé (Thailand) also announced a strategy to spread La San Marco espresso machines’ excellence hand in hand with 20 partners throughout the kingdom. The company expects to host several events with special promotions to allow baristas and other interested parties to try out its modern machines firsthand.

La San Marco espresso machines, first created in Italy in 1920, have been sold in over 120 countries and are widely used by world-famous baristas. Their popularity has increased over the years thanks to their meticulous yet modern design, quality, functionality, durability, and advanced technology.

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