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est Cola and Robinhood Team Up To Help Small Restaurants

Locally-produced soft drink brand “est,” from Thai Drinks Co., Ltd., plans to expand its customer base and has partnered with a leading food delivery platform to boost its business through a campaign that combines its products with delicious foods.

est and Robinhood, which serves many delicacies from thousands of restaurants, have teamed up to launch the “est Cola, Koo See Jaan Zaap” campaign, expecting to support and promote small Thai restaurants that have long been partners for the soft drink brand.

As part of the campaign, 5,000 participating restaurants will have 360ml bottles of est Cola available to give to customers for free when ordering through Robinhood’s app.

After downloading the app and placing a tasty order, customers will get a bottle of est for free to pair with their meal without a minimum spending amount throughout November and December.

In addition, restaurants participating in the “est Cola, Koo See Jaan Zaap” campaign can promote themselves in the Robinhood app at no cost for one week.

Small restaurants, the brand’s strongest sales channels, have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, est sees a huge market opportunity in online food delivery services, which popularity has skyrocketed during strict lockdowns.

Therefore, it has partnered with Robinhood to help small restaurant operators grow with their businesses.

“This is why we launched the ‘est Cola, Koo See Jaan Zaap’ campaign to support 5,000 small restaurants by providing a refreshing and fizzy drink to pair with savory dishes for the 125,000 Robinhood app users,” said Thai Drinks’ Marketing Vicepresident Mrs. Jesdakorn Ghosh.

Mr. Srihanath Lamsam, Managing Director of Purple Ventures Co., Ltd., the developer and service provider for the Robinhood online food delivery platform, said he hoped the partnership with the Thai carbonated soft drink brand would act “as a bridge between the 5,000 restaurants participating in the ‘est Cola, Koo See Jaan Zaap (A Savory Buddy)’ campaign and customers as they experience pairing savory dishes with refreshing and fizzy est Cola, widening opportunities and growing sales channels for these restaurants.”

Those interested in learning more about the campaign can check Robinhood’s app or website, as well as the Facebook page of est Cola