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Last Chance To Enjoy the Summer Menu at PAUL Thailand

If you would like to try the Sweet Summertime Menu at PAUL, the popular French chain of bakery-café restaurants, then this is the final week for you to do so. The refreshing menu, with its focus on the deliciously tangy lemon fruit, is available now until Sunday, May 15th at all PAUL locations, for those wishing to discover the true flavour of summer season.

There are six items, including three baked goods and three beverages, for you to sample: Lemon Canelé, Lemon Éclair, Lemon Scone, Limoncello Mojito Mocktail, Lemon Shakerato Coffee and Frosted Lemonade, all of which exude citrusy, summer vibes to the max!

Full of zesty flavour, thirst-quenching citrus fruits chase away winter blues, while adding a zing to summer dishes. Lemons are both sweet and sour due to the combination of sugar and citric acid, delivering an exceptional taste sensation that is one to remember.

Specially Crafted Summer Delights To Keep You Hydrated

PAUL has released three terrific drinks for the summertime which are just the things to sip when it’s hot outside. The Limoncello Mojito Mocktail, seen on the left in the photo above, blends lemon, honey, mint and soda to leave you feeling extra fresh – it is just THB 135.

The Frosted Lemonade, seen in the middle, is a fabulous mix of lemonade and vanilla ice cream that has the exquisite combination of sweet, sour and creamy in perfect measures: it’s good value at THB 180. Also, The Lemon Shakerato Coffee features an espresso shot, lemon, honey and soda: for only THB 135, it is a great choice to brighten up your day.

As beautiful to look at as they are delicious, the Lemon Canelés at PAUL, seen below, are out of this world: rich, moist and with a lemon custardy filing on the inside, they have thin, crispy shells that make distinct crackling sounds when sinking your teeth into them.

Once you’ve made it past the lightly-caramelized shell, the sweet and custardy goodness is waiting for you inside, and the lemon gives the pastry a pleasing tart flavour. Flour, milk, eggs, butter, lemon cream and lemon glaze all go into the THB 95 delectable morsels.

Vitamin-packed lemons have very high amounts of antioxidants, and they are also one of the best fruits for our skin’s health. Lemons contain plenty of ascorbic acid, which is used to regenerate collagen, the essential protein necessary for tightening skin and reducing fine lines – citrus fruits are widely acclaimed for their ability to maintain youthfulness.

Lemons and limes are the most potent, detoxifying fruits in existence, and you don’t have to go on a crazy, fad diet to harness their cleansing properties. By making the effort to fit more of them into your diet, even just occasionally, you will soon notice their power.

Beat the Heat at PAUL With Their Range of Cooling Treats

The line-up of Sweet Summertime pastries are the perfect choice to enjoy as a snack or a dessert. As with the Lemon Canelés, PAUL have come out with similarly appetizing Lemon Scones, comprised of wheat flour, lemon, butter, cream, baking powder, lemon confits and pistachio – full of lemony tanginess, the crumbly scones are a bargain for just THB 95.

Another delicious option to savour is the Lemon Éclair, that can be seen on the right in the photo above. Choux pastry, lemon cream and lemon glaze combine successfully, to result in a premium bite: crispy on the outside, light and airy inside, it’s well worth THB 185.

Dine-in customers at PAUL can take advantage of a great deal that they also have as part of the same campaign – with a minimum purchase of THB 1,000 you will receive one free Limoncello Mojito Mocktail, until the summer menu comes to an end this Sunday.

Seven of PAUL’s main Bangkok stores are serving up the summer menu, as well as eleven pop-up stores. Their main stores to visit for the tasty food and drinks on offer are: Central Embassy, Emporium, CentralWorld, Chidlom, Thonglor, ICONSIAM, and Megabangna.

The pop-up stores to enjoy a gourmet experience at are: Foodland Srinakarin, Foodland Ramintra, Marwin Suite, Siam Paragon, Central Rama 9, Central Rama 2, Central EastVille, Central Bangna, Bangkok Hospital, Gourmet Promenade, and Lotus Rattanatibet.

You may wish to take a look at the PAUL Website or the PAUL Facebook Page for further information on this exciting menu, available to purchase until Sunday, May 15th.