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Savour Authentic Indian Dishes at Thonglor’s New Eatery ‘BABA’

The newly opened Indian eatery in Thonglor, BABA, epitomizes the essence of casual Indian cuisine. This dining spot is renowned for its innovative use of flames and smoke to craft their dishes, served in a warm and sophisticated setting

The name “Baba” has various meanings, including a term of endearment for elders, babies, and friends. In this context, it refers to someone you respect, reflecting the meticulous attention paid to ingredient selection and culinary techniques.

To ensure the authenticity of its cuisine, BABA imports the key ingredients of its recipes directly from India, complemented by locally sourced Thai produce that adds a seasonal flair to the menu.

Located in the vibrant lifestyle and community hub of Marche Thonglor, BABA joins the lineup of grab-and-go restaurants on the M floor.

Begin your culinary adventure at BABA with their delightful miniature samosas. These traditionally savoury snacks are stuffed with jackfruit.

Follow this with the intensely flavourful lamb vindaloo, meticulously slow-cooked over eight hours, infused with garlic and a medley of spices for a rich, aromatic experience.

The dish is elevated with a fiery boost from Rajasthani chili, perfectly complemented by scooping up the hearty curry with BABA’s luxurious black truffle cream cheese naan.

The culinary prowess of the chef is particularly evident in their chicken dishes, such as the tender and smoky tulsi chicken tikka, marinated in coriander and basil prior to its tandoor oven preparation.

Beverage options include a refreshing turmeric and ginger iced tea or a rich, smooth mango lassi. Don’t forget to indulge in their chocolate praline naan for a sweet finale.

BABA is located on the M floor of Marche Thonglor and is open daily from 11:30am to 10pm. For further information, visit their Instagram or call directly at: 082 854 5826.