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Burg Republic Serve Up Spectacular Halal Burgers

Being the largest city in Thailand, Bangkok is also home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in South-East Asia. This make up of ethnicities has led to the Thai capital having a multicultural food scene and status as a renowned culinary destination.

It is estimated that 5% of Thailand’s population are muslim, with the vast majority living in the southern regions of the country. Bangkok has a sizeable muslim community, mainly based in and around Ramkhamhaeng, who now have a conveniently located restaurant serving up delicious burgers made to exact halal specifications.

Burg Republic is the name on the lips of burger fanatics across Bangkok as the go-to establishment for premium halal burgers. For those who are not familiar with the concept of halal, it is an Arabic term that means permissible or lawful in Islam, and specific to food the term relates to the rules governing food preparation.

Make Your Way to Burg Republic for a Taste of Americana

The business started out in 2016 with a food truck located at Sena Fest shopping mall in the Khlong San district of Bangkok. Word quickly spread that the burgers here were some of the best in town, and people traveled far and wide to experience their selection of gourmet, multi-layered feasts sure to satisfy any appetite.

By 2019 Burg Republic proved to be so popular that the truck could no longer cope with the demand, and so the decision was made to acquire a bricks and mortar premises in an area more suited to attract the main audience for halal food. The success in Bangkok led to a second branch opening in Pattani towards the end of last year.

The reasonable prices and top quality of ingredients meant that the Ramkanenheng Soi 24 venue has been a hit with diners from day one. There is an open kitchen that you can see from the street as you approach, and the cozy dining space is usually packed out.

A Decent Selection of Classics at This Top Bangkok Burger Spot

Early on in our review, it became apparent that Burg Republic is one of only a few “fully halal” burger restaurants in Bangkok that has made a concerted effort of not cutting any corners. From the butter and the cheese to the meat, all of the ingredients for everything on offer are carefully chosen to ensure that they are all halal having been locally sourced from reputable suppliers.

There are two things that the burgers all have in common: the first being the soft, lightly-toasted homemade brioche buns that work well to hold the meat and toppings together. The second is the thousand island-inspired “secret sauce” that is also available as a dip, which is tangy, slightly sweet and absolutely delicious.

As you can see from the photo above, Burg Republic have some mighty fine burgers and sides to choose from. Going from left to right, the Royale With Cheese Burg is a stacked double beef burger that has of course been prepared to certified halal standards: go for one of these bad boys and you’ll experience just how much their beef bacon rocks.

The Chick Burg is another exceptional burger, featuring a ground chicken patty, sliced mushrooms, a crispy onion ring, crunchy pickle, lettuce, tomato and the famous secret sauce. Joining the line-up is the incredible Spicy Lamb Burg, an absolute smash-hit with their loyal patrons, comprised of hand-chopped lamb, crispy corn, a crispy onion ring, caramelised onion, pickles and veggies – it’s one of Bangkok’s most exciting burgers.

Grab Yourself a Royale With Cheese if You’ve Got a Big Appetite

The Royale With Cheese Burg, as seen above, is a carnivore’s dream owing to its huge size, and at THB 260, is worth every single baht – Double patties of fresh ground beef, double cheese, halal beef bacon, a crispy onion ring, caramelised onions, sweet pickles and the sauce combine for a dazzling flavour explosion. The well-seasoned beef comes medium-rare and is perfectly cooked at the level that most burger aficionados swear by.

Beef bacon comes from the belly of a cow, which is located just under the brisket, and has less moisture than pork bacon due to not having so much fat content: it has to be cooked just right, which Burg Republic have managed to do. Their beef bacon is perfectly soft, with salty, sweet and smoky undertones from the cure of the delicious-tasting meat.

The Spicy Lamb Burg is the undoubted star of the show at Burg Republic, somehow even managing to top the other meaty morsels that we tried. It’s THB 190, which for this level of quality is an absolute steal – all of the offerings on the menu are of similarly great value.

A mix of herbs and spices has been blended with the lamb patty, acting to defuse any unwanted smell from the lamb which can be off-putting. A distinct herby/peppery kick counteracts the sweetness from the corn and the slightly tangy secret sauce: we loved how the crispiness from the onion ring and the sweetcorn balances the softness of the lamb and tomato to result in a heavenly combination of textures.

Burg Republic’s Facebook page is at: for more info. LINE MAN, GrabFood, Foodpanda and Robinhood deliver for them.