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Exquisite Riverside Dining at Capella Bangkok’s Phra Nakhon

Phra Nakhon, one of the most sumptuous restaurants in all of Bangkok, serves a premium selection of Thai cuisine and an exquisite riverside dining experience, situated within the surroundings of the multi-award-winning luxurious hotel, Capella Bangkok. The property, nestled on the banks of the Chao Phraya, opened to great fanfare in October 2020.

Inspired by the enriched culture of food history in Thailand, this elegant venue focuses on cuisines that come from all over the country, giving diners a chance to share a memorable gastronomical journey through the authenticity of their eclectic menu. Phra Nakhon’s head chef, Kannika Jitsangworn, has a broad knowledge of the culinary traditions of Bangkok’s riverside communities and devised the menu that features recipes of days gone by.

The hotel is on Charoenkrung Road and occupies a fine position on the east bank of the mighty Chao Phraya River: this road was the city’s first paved public highway, opening in 1861 to service Old Bangkok during the reign of King Mongkut, with the neighborhood now being recognised as one of the most exciting creative districts in Bangkok.

Savour the Best of Thai Cuisine by the Chao Phraya River

The charming environment of Phra Nakhon makes for one of the most private restaurant settings to enjoy in the Thai capital. Indeed, the contemporary facility oozes charm and exclusivity, having an expansive conservatory that adjoins a luscious, riverfront garden terrace, offering guests an interesting new restaurant to add to their must-visit lists.

Phra Nakhon serves complimentary amuse-bouche to sample as customer’s meals get underway, which change on a daily basis: on the day we visited, there was an excellent Nam Prik Pao prepared by the chefs, a very popular Thai specialty that is made from the pulp and seeds of a chili resulting in an almost jam-like texture. The tasty delicacy has a pleasant kick to it, and is accompanied by freshly-cooked, crunchy prawn crackers.

Patrons shall appreciate the Nam Prik selection that they also serve as an on-the-house treat with every meal, however on this occasion, we decided it should wait until our next visit so that we would then have room for the forthcoming feast. The Thai Pomelo Salad, that you can see above, combines mild-tasting catfish morsels and zesty, sweet pomelo: the Pla Yarng Mieng Som-o costs THB 280++ and delivers a real taste sensation.

Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, Phra Nakhon’s tremendous Nua Sun Nai Yarng Gula Kha, as seen in the photo above, is one of the restaurant’s standout delicacies. Lovers of beef are sure to be in heaven with this mouthwatering choice, featuring free-range, juicy slices of tenderloin, crispy shallots, and an Isaan-style jaew sauce that is both spicy and sour: it is on the pricey side at THB 1,600++ but for the quality, is worth splurging on.

Thai cuisine is well-recognized for its extensive selection of spicy foods, therefore some restaurants, including this one, allow you to choose the level of spiciness that you would like; whether you prefer hot, medium or less spicy, Phra Nakhon will gladly accommodate your requests. The attentive staff shall make sure you are taken care of and can help with giving recommendations, as well as taking note of any special dietary requirements.

If the spicy food leaves you feeling hot, and the idea of sinking cool, refreshing drinks by the river sounds enticing, then their thirst-quenching beverages shall certainly hit the spot. You might like to try the Rose Coconut, a unique concoction that uses fresh coconut water and soda infused with rose syrup, which shall set you back THB 280++ per glass.

Refined Gourmet Classics Sure To Enliven Your Tastebuds

Gaeng Ped Yang Bai Yee Rha Nor Mai, or Red Duck Curry, which can be seen above, is a traditional Southern-style duck curry that offers a distinct range of spiciness which builds over time, combined with a hint of sweetness to give it a nicely-balanced flavour. It costs THB 550++ and features grilled marinated slices of duck, bamboo shoots, cumin leaves, red chilis, and coconut milk, all merging exceptionally well to create a marvelous dish.

Phra Nakhon gives guests the choice of a complimentary rice selection including jasmine white rice, brown rice, and riceberry. They also provide the usual choice of Thai sauces to add to your meals or to use for dipping, as well as the pleasant Phra Nakhon homemade Sriracha sauce, a tangy-sweet treat with a kick of garlic, that is of course fairly spicy.

You can see one of the restaurant’s main highlights below: Ayutthaya Goong Pao, a giant chargrilled river prawn, which is served with Phra Nakhon’s signature Thai-style seafood sauce, and the lovely Sriracha sauce, accompanied by dill, coriander, and house pickles. This savoury dish is THB 1200++ for a generous portion that can be shared by two.

As you can see, another scrumptious offering is Phra Nakhon’s classic Pla Ob Tra Krai, a chef’s masterpiece of traditional Rattanakosin-style sea bass, freshly-baked to delicately preserve the natural taste of the fish. This seafood platter shall cost you THB 860++ and looks enticing: a variety of herbs and edible flowers give a fragrant aroma, and the spicy mixed chili dressing served with the dish is a perfect accompaniment to add some heat.

For vegans out there who would like to visit the establishment, there is also a delicious Chiva Jit nine-course set menu to sample, featuring a delectable selection of appetisers, main courses, side dishes, and dessert choices which are all superb. With so much good food to savour and the exemplary standard of cooking on offer, vegans will surely leave satisfied after feasting upon some of the finest vegan Thai food in all of Bangkok.

Try the Guay Teow Lui Suan Jay, Phra Nakhon’s seriously delicious fresh spring rolls, and the Gaeng Juad Pak Gard Kao, vegetable broth infused with Chinese cabbage and other aromatic vegetables. The Chiva Jit set menu is priced at THB 1,800++, a reasonable cost when one considers the wide range of dishes that you have the chance to try.

An Unparalleled Dining Experience With Postcard Views

Our meal was magnificently rounded off with a delicious twist on the classic Thai dessert mango sticky rice: Khao Niaw Mamueng I-Tim Gati comes highly recommended – a tasty delicacy made up of ripe mango and warm, sweet coconut sticky rice, coconut ice cream and roasted mung bean, reasonably priced at THB 280++ for a huge portion that you will struggle to finish on your own. The sticky coconut rice tastes like a tropical rice pudding.

The quality of dishes at Phra Nakhon is exceptional and the restaurant has soon become a go-to choice of venues for lovers of fine Thai cuisine in Bangkok. If you are seeking an aesthetically-pleasing spot, then this is it: beautiful throughout, no part more so than the alfresco dining area overlooking the river, a fitting setting to sample such splendid food.

Phra Nakhon at Capella Bangkok is open daily from 6:30am through to 11pm. For further information, you should visit: Phra Nakhon’s Website or telephone: 02-098-3817.