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The Best of Festive Food at PAUL Thailand This Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year; however, the build-up to it, with a couple of months to gorge on festive food and drinks, is one thing that we shall always get excited about.

PAUL, the French bakery and restaurant chain, are bringing some much-needed joy to people’s lives this festive season after the challenging times of 2020.

With 10 locations across Bangkok, PAUL are making considerable effort to make you and your loved ones feel most welcome. They have announced their special Christmas menus that will elevate your year-end celebrations.

Patrons of PAUL can look forward to enjoying their festive meals from November 16, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Seasonal sandwiches, main dishes, desserts and drinks are available, all of which are expertly prepared with the finest of ingredients.

The revisiting of French Christmas traditions

Beloved for their artisanal breads, PAUL have come up with some delicious open sandwiches, with origins dating back to the Middle Ages, for their customers to savour: The Goat Cheese Open Sandwich, and The Smoked Duck Open Sandwich, are both traditional treats that will complement your seasonal meals.

The Smoked Duck Open Sandwich features open Vienna soft bread, duck liver spread, smoked duck, boiled egg and rocket salad, with a scrumptious surprise awaiting diners from the tender and delicious duck breast. It is an excellent choice as an appetiser or a light meal, full of festive flavour.

The vegetarian Goat Cheese Open Sandwich is made up of open multigrain bread topped with goat cheese, green apple, walnut and salad greens, all seasoned with honey apricot mayo spread. For those who may not have tried goat cheese, it is loved for its robust aroma and the tart and earthy taste.

Main courses that are sure to bring festive joy

As well as their delectable bakery offerings, PAUL have also brought some superb main dishes to the feast. There are three traditional French meat dishes including the Vol-au-vent aux Poulet et Morilles, Kurobuta Filet Mignon sauce charcutière, and last but not least, the Foie Gras poêlé framboise: three meals that are sure to satisfy the appetite of any guest ready to get in the Christmas spirit.

The Vol-au-vent aux Poulet et Morilles features baked puff pastry filled with natural, cage-free Benja chicken and sautéed mushrooms, seasoned and served with flavoursome morel mushrooms in cream sauce. The richness of the morel cream sauce, the natural charm of the Benja chicken and the crispiness of the baked puff pastry all combine superbly to make this dish an absolute pleasure.

Another hearty and filling main course is the Kurobuta Filet Mignon sauce charcutière, made up of premium Kurobuta pork wrapped in bacon, which sits atop delicious charcutière sauce, with sautéed mushrooms and mashed potato. Pork aficionados will love this, with the salt and savoury taste of the bacon, and sweet and sour undertones coming from the sauce, blending together perfectly.

One of the stars of the show, the Foie gras poêlé framboise comes highly recommended, giving any celebration plenty of ‘wow factor’. This pan-seared foie gras is served on top of home made brioche, seasoned with balsamic, raspberry dressing and caramelised nuts, providing a harmony of tastes that will leave you in gastronomic heaven, at the most wonderful time of the year.

Sweeten up your Christmas with delightful desserts

Everyone can agree that the best part of dinner is dessert, and this is especially true when one considers Christmas dinners and all that they entail. The team at PAUL have come up with some absolute crackers this year, that can satisfy all of your sugar cravings in no time at all.

Leading the parade is the traditional Christmas treat, the PAUL Fruit Cake. Apricots, raisins, cranberries, rum and walnuts merge to produce a zesty, sweet taste that has got all the holiday spice and candied fruit flavour that any good Christmas fruit cake should have in abundance.

Another highlight from the PAUL repertoire is the Raspberry Log Cake. Almond sponge, egg white, sugar, butter, raspberry and strawberry not only create a visual treat, but in terms of taste, this moist, fruity delight is also a real joy with the light, fluffy cake sure to leave you longing for more.

PAUL’s Christmas Millefeuille comes highly recommended with two exquisite flavours, Strawberry and Chocolate, and Salted Caramel. The magic of this classic French dessert lies in its airy, flakey puff pastry, with delicate layers stacked upon each other adorned with crème patisserie in between, to leave you in food heaven upon completion.

Yuletide drinks that are both tasty and refreshing

Furthermore, another element to enhance any Christmas celebration is a nice selection of chocolate drinks. This season, PAUL is offering two chocolate drinks with refreshing mint foam and quality dark chocolate from France: the X’mas Iced Mocha and the X’mas Iced Chocolate, both exquisitely crafted, with mint cream producing the liquid-based equivalent of eating an After Eight mint, the after dinner treat loved all over the world.

PAUL is a wonderful choice to celebrate any special occasion, but none more so than during the Christmas season, when families and friends come together full of joy and happiness to enjoy time together and reflect on the year that will soon end. Cooking is a serious art form in France, and Christmas is a chance to enjoy the best of French cuisine, with PAUL flying the flag for the nation’s culinary prowess right here in Thailand.

Feast on your festive meals at four main restaurants, including Cental Embassy, The Emporium, CentralWorld and Megabangna. If you are unable to make a trip to those branches, you can still enjoy their bakeries and drinks from six other take-home or self-service branches all over Bangkok.

For more details of the PAUL festive menu, please visit their social media pages. Their Facebook page can be found at: paul1889.thailand and their Instagram can be found at: paulbakerythailand