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Experience Unique Thai Art: A Mix of Tradition and Innovation

La Lanta Fine Art presents ‘The Archetype and The Avant-Garde: Luminous Journey’, featuring the art practices of two veteran artists from different eras. The exhibition will run until June 7th.

The display showcases the simultaneous existence of tradition and innovation, as evidenced by a new collection of “The Wheel Of Law” by national artist Preecha Thaothong.

The exhibition also features artwork created using “Generative Systems” by artist and architect Pongpan Suriyapat.

Each piece in “The Wheel Of Law” series is crafted using traditional Thai techniques to represent the Buddhist belief that the human body is made up of four natural elements – earth, water, wind, and fire.

The three “Wheels Of Law” are presented in chronological sequence, highlighting the artistic abilities of the Ayutthaya, early Rattanakosin, and late Rattanakosin eras.

In contrast, Pongpan employs “Generative Systems” in his artistic endeavors. This program allows for the creation of art without the artist’s hands-on participation in generating physical pieces.

Through the use of established guidelines, such as mathematical formulas, computer algorithms, or natural phenomena, “Generative Systems” can produce diverse types of art.

The resulting artwork, which is beyond the artist’s direct influence, can be both unpredictable and captivating.

Pongpan fuses the concept of light and shadow in architecture, a field in which Prof Preecha is renowned, with the scientific properties of light.

By considering inherent aspects of light like reflection, refraction, and diffraction of waves, he presents visual aesthetics through an art installation that conveys the same themes of life and nature found in Preecha’s conventional artwork.

La Lanta Fine Art can be found at N22 Art Warehouse, Narathiwat Ratchanakharin 22, and is open from Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 10am through to 7pm.

For additional information about the exhibition, visit or call 02-050-7882.