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Feel the Thrill at CentralWorld’s Bangkok Countdown 2024 Event

Ring in the New Year with a bang at CentralWorld Bangkok Countdown 2024, the premier countdown landmark in Thailand’s capital. Often referred to as the ‘Times Square of Asia’, CentralWorld offers a wide range of exciting festivities to mark the last moments of 2023.

The celebration features seven entertainment highlights including stage performances by leading international and local artists, mesmerizing digital fireworks, and magnificent light and sound shows. Anticipated to appeal to a crowd of more than 250,000 attendees, the breathtaking extravaganza is sure to be the ultimate spectacle to welcome the New Year.

With over two decades of hosting memorable countdowns, CentralWorld’s event last year was a tremendous success drawing thousands of visitors and earning widespread praise. Brace yourself, as this year’s celebration guarantees to be bigger and better than before!

Join Thailand’s Exceptional, World-Class Countdown Celebration

Situated in the center of Bangkok, CentralWorld is one of the Kingdom’s leading shopping destinations boasting a huge selection of luxury brands, amusement options, and culinary venues. Central Pattana, Thailand’s largest developer of retail property, has invested over 500 million baht this year to solidify CentralWorld as a global countdown celebration hub.

For those in other regions of Thailand the countdown festivities can be enjoyed at Central malls in 13 locations nationwide, mainly tourists hotspots, such as Central Pattaya, Central Chiang Mai, Central Phuket, Central Chanthaburi, Central Samui, Central Korat, and more.

Visitors can enjoy a 10-day, 10-night celebration beginning from 21st December 2023, and running until the countdown night. Throughout the festive period, they are able to indulge in shopping, travel, and creating special memories, as they prepare to start the New Year.

The CentralWorld Bangkok Countdown 2024 is set to be a spectacular event, showcasing an impressive lineup of 65 well-known artists, performing on a stage that is fully-equipped with stunning visuals and crystal-clear sound, enveloping the audience from all directions.

When the clock strikes midnight, expect to be wowed by the traditional fireworks displays, alongside 180-degree digital fireworks displays, to broadcast on panoramic screens for 15 minutes. It will be the country’s first futuristic digital fireworks display, which will be shown on CentralWorld’s vast Panoramix screens, measuring a remarkable 3,790 square meters.

In addition to witnessing exciting music performances and immersive fireworks, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear motivational messages from performing artists, sure to inspire audiences to begin 2024 with optimism, and a fresh perspective on their goals.

Experience a Star-Studded Evening of Entertainment in Bangkok

Anyone attending the CentralWorld Bangkok Countdown 2024 is in for a treat as they will see several global artists, including the multi-talented Thai-German artist Patrick Nattawat Finkler, performing on stage. Patrick is a singer, actor, dancer, songwriter, and model, who first made a name for himself as a former member of the famed Chinese boyband, INTO1.

Guests will also witness a dazzling performance by K-pop icon Choi Young-jae from South Korean group GOT7, seen in the first of the two images below. Well-loved for his powerful vocal and strong stage presence, his appearance is set to be a top highlight of the show.

To improve the overall concert experience, each attendee will receive an illuminating LED wristband. These wristbands will instill engagement among the crowds, enabling them to fully soak up the festive atmosphere, and feel like they are part of a global music festival.

The excitement does not stop there – a host of renowned Thai artists will grace the stage, performing their biggest hits. This lineup features five headliners: BOWKYLION, Billkin, PP Krit, Nont Tanont, and Ink Waruntorn, each bringing their exceptional talents to the event.

BOWKYLION is the hugely talented Thai singer who can be seen in the second of the two photos above: she first rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the co-ed group SKIPIT before launching a successful solo career in 2017. Whether you’re a huge fan of hers, or simply a music lover, BOWKYLION’s husky voice and retro pop style will impress you enormously.

Other headlining acts are singer-actor Billkin and actor-model PP Krit, both of whom burst into stardom by starring in the award-winning Boys’ Love series ‘I Told Sunset About You’, alongside the collaboration of the two celebrated artists Nont Tanont and Ink Waruntorn.

Another highlight of the lineup includes TRINITY as seen in the picture above – they are a hugely popular T-pop boyband who will thrill fans with some of their smash hits. Other top acts in the lineup include Oat Pramote, Pop Pongkool, PROXIE, PSYCHIC FEVER, TIGGER, bXd, BUS (Because of you i shine), Hashtax, PERSES, QRRA, Three Man Down, and more.

The gates to the concert will open at 4:30pm with the show expected to run until 12:30am on December 31st. Entrance is free (just download Central Life X app to gain access), and there is also the option of tuning into CentralWorld’s countdown event, via live broadcast.

With its phenomenal activity and entertainment program awaiting everyone, CentralWorld Bangkok Countdown 2024 offers the ultimate countdown experience that promises to be a memorable event to greet the New Year. Visit CentralWorld’s website for further details.