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SuperRich 1965 Recently Unveiled a New Branch at EMSPHERE Mall

Thailand’s leader in currency exchange and money transfer services SuperRich 1965, also known by many as SuperRich Orange, has recently opened a branch at one of Bangkok’s newest and most in-demand shopping destinations EMSPHERE, located in Phrom Phong.

Situated on the first floor of the upscale retail complex, this new location offers customers a chance to benefit from the firm’s superlative currency exchange rates, some of the best in all of the kingdom. The company works fervently behind the scenes to secure superior foreign exchange prices for their clientele, meaning that their money goes that bit further.

Furthermore, SuperRich 1965 has a comprehensive range of currencies for people to buy as they embark upon trips, and its EMPSHERE counter is now available for them to do so. A commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of what the company stands for.

Providing Customers With Speedy, Convenient and Reliable Service

Since opening its doors in December of last year, EMSPHERE has soon become a popular go-to spot in the city, pulling in thousands of visitors each day, thanks to its prime location right in the heart of Sukhumvit, and the direct skywalk link with BTS Phrom Phong station.

With this latest SuperRich 1965 outlet, the company has successfully attracted a multitude of new customers, particularly tourists who form a substantial portion of the clientele. The branch’s fast, reliable, and convenient services have been invaluable for those in need of currency exchanges when they are in the vicinity of the vibrant shopping and leisure hub.

Customers can access a vast selection of currencies, and it is recommended to pre-order to ensure availability, resulting in an efficient, smooth process for everyone. To be able to use the service, foreigners must show their passports, and Thais need to show their IDs.

Well-known for its money exchange and remittance transfer services, SuperRich Currency Exchange (1965) Co., Ltd., has assisted millions of local and international customers, since being founded 59 years ago. During that time it has established itself as the top currency exchange provider within Thailand, by offering exceptionally competitive exchange rates.

Totaling over 20 branches across Bangkok, the company places considerable importance on honesty and transparency in its business, making customer satisfaction its priority. The commitment given to professionalism and integrity is at the center of everything they do.

SuperRich 1965’s new branch at EMSPHERE is a milestone moment for Thailand’s leading currency exchange brand. The high-end mall, alongside Emporium and EmQuartier, forms the EM District development, set within an area that spans over 200,000 square meters.

Effortless Access to Local Currency for Global Tourists Everywhere

Aside from EMSPHERE, SuperRich 1965 has recently opened a number of other branches throughout Bangkok, most of them being situated within shopping complexes. This seeks to make life easier for anyone hoping to exchange money while shopping or going about their daily activities, allowing crucial financial transactions to be carried out conveniently.

Patrons are able to access these newly-opened counters at The Old Siam Plaza (1st floor), Central Pinklao (4th floor), Big C Place Ratchada (2nd floor), along with The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi and Bangkae (both 2nd floor), and also Samitivej Hospital’s Building 1 (G floor).

Through this expansion, SuperRich 1965 continues to strengthen its position as a premier currency exchange provider in Thailand, aligning with its devotion to meeting the diverse financial needs of its huge customer base with strategically located, accessible services.

Whether it’s currency exchange or international money transfers that you require, you can be sure SuperRich 1965 will have the most competitive rates out there, as well as sublime levels of customer service, and unwavering financial security with regards to transactions. To access all the latest currency rates, check out the company’s real-time updates online.

If you find yourself needing to exchange money while you’re at EMSPHERE, then the new SuperRich 1965 branch comes highly recommended. It is an extremely convenient option for people in and around the fashionable Phrom Phong neighborhood in the Thai capital.

SuperRich 1965’s EMSPHERE branch is open daily from 11am until 8pm. For further details about availing the services, please visit the firm’s website or Facebook page, or you may wish to contact the SuperRich team directly via its official LINE account at: @SuperRich.