Great Wall Motor’s G-Charge Supercharging Station in Bangkok

Great Wall Motor (GWM) remains committed to expanding the electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand and has announced the G-Charge Supercharging Station’s launch.

Located at Soi Siam Square 7, it would open as the country’s first GWN fast-charging station. Also, thanks to the company’s collaboration with PEA ENCOM International Company Limited, it’s one of the nation’s largest public DC fast charge stations with solar cells for 100% EVs.

G-Charge Supercharging Station has three DC charging units, each with two CCS Type 2 connectors, meaning that it has six connectors with a maximum 160 kW charging load in total. Moreover, the station allows up to six electric vehicles (EV) to be charged simultaneously.

It has been designed with a Smart Parking system that enables the supercharging station to present impressive O2O (Online-to-Offline) experiences. With the GWM app, customers are just one click away from reserving a charging schedule, paying, and using the station’s services.

In such a brilliant installation, GWM will also offer users a free ORA Good Cat service during its launch period. Then, in December, the station will be ready to expand its services to customers with other electric vehicles.

G-Charge Supercharging Station’s launch underscores GWM’s commitment to boost the electric vehicle industry and build the “G-Charge energy supplement ecology” in Thailand.

Furthermore, while deepening the brand’s value of “new energy, new intelligence and new GWM experience”, it will accelerate electric vehicles’ popularization and quality development across the kingdom.

Mr. Steven Wang, Vice President of GWM ASEAN and Thailand, spoke about GWM’s vision for the future and how it plays a key role in driving Thailand’s EV growth and strengthening its EV Ecosystem.

The fast-charge station’s launch was just the beginning of their efforts to promote EVs, he said, adding: “In line with our Mission 9 in 3 strategy, we will launch nine xEV models in Thailand within three years. Also, we plan to expand our charging-station network across Thailand in support of a sustainable EV community.”

G-Charge Supercharging Station is located in the heart of Thailand’s vibrant business and lifestyle district. The brand expects to build more than 100 charging points in the country by 2023, including Destination Charging Stations in hotels, department stores, and more.

Meanwhile, as it educates the new generation about electric vehicles, GWM invites undergraduate students aged 24 and under to participate in its essay contest on “How will EVs change our life and future?”

Besides GWM points and a certificate of honor, winners could win one of three main prizes: a 15,000 baht cash prize, a 10,000 baht cash prize, and a 5,000 baht cash prize.

People can find more information about the contest or the G-Charge Supercharging Station on GWM Thailand’s Facebook page.