Mercedes-Benz Just Introduced New Electric Concept Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz recently introduced new “close-to-production” prototype vehicles that might surpass Tesla vehicles by achieving over 466 miles on a single charge. This is in contrast to a maximum distance of below 380 miles for any Tesla model.

The German auto maker’s Concept CLA Class, showcased Sunday at the IAA Mobility automobile exhibition in Munich, introduces four new models: a sedan, a station wagon, and a pair of SUVs. The firm didn’t specify the precise timeline for the start of production.

These automobiles are projected to cover a distance exceeding 750 kilometers (466 miles), compared to Tesla’s (TSLA) Model 3 and Model S, which possess the highest endurance within the brand’s lineup and can traverse slightly below 375 miles with a single charge.

Concurrently, BMW made a noteworthy presentation at the exhibition, unveiling an advanced electric automobile that promises extended range and accelerated charging, further accentuating German car manufacturers’ endeavor to withstand escalating EV rivalry.

Large European vehicle producers like Volkswagen and Renault are currently experiencing pressure from Chinese competitors in the affordable EV sector.

Meanwhile, Tesla has pledged to transform its establishment near Berlin into the largest automobile manufacturing facility in Europe.

BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse model, which is yet at the conceptual phase, incorporates newly fabricated battery cells capable of retaining upwards of 20% more power compared to the ones previously utilized by the firm.

Generally, a surge in charging velocity and range by nearly 30% is anticipated in comparison to the previous iterations from the brand, as per the organization’s statement.

“With the Neue Klasse, we have embarked on the biggest investment in the company’s history,” noted Frank Weber, a member of the BMW board, during an announcement. This innovative vehicle is scheduled to debut in 2025.

As for Mercedes, the Concept CLA Class symbolizes “an entirely new all-electric segment of entry-level vehicles at Mercedes-Benz,” aiming to attract a broader client, as stated by CEO Ola Källenius.

He emphasized that the upcoming vehicles “could easily take you from Munich to Hamburg on a single charge.”

The extended driving range might aid the established car maker in attracting a larger customer base since the concern over range is frequently mentioned as a significant factor influencing the choice of potential EV purchasers.

During a discussion about the Mercedes’ G class, a series of SUVs, on Sunday, Källenius hinted at another imminent automobile, mentioning: “The little G will be electric.”

This forthcoming model might pose as a rival to Tesla’s Model Y, categorized as a compact SUV as well.

As per a recent analysis on Thursday by UBS, the experts disclosed that they had previewed the enterprise’s newest models and felt “strongly reassured” regarding Mercedes’ product lineup in the approaching two to three years.

Adding to the positive news, the enterprise’s leadership also communicated their assurance that the novel electric vehicles would “reach the same profitability” as their petroleum-fueled equivalents, the analysts highlighted.