Singapore’s Carzuno Makes Car Subscription Easy in Thailand

A car, of course, gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, when you want. Having access to one is not only liberating, but also convenient, providing a door-to-door service without the need to transit between different modes of transport, instantly available 24/7.

They are certainly useful for carrying your luggage, shopping or children, but owning one has the major downside of large maintenance costs (insurance, service, repairs, road tax: they all add up). Carzuno car subscriptions offer a great solution, with their 1 to 24 month duration rentals that do not require deposits if using a credit card for maximum flexibility.

Every new car will have lost immense value as soon as it’s driven off the forecourt and by the end of the first year it’ll be worth about 40% less than when it was bought. As people look to save money these days, having a car subscription makes perfect financial sense.

Have Your Car Delivered After a 3-Minute Signup Process

Carzuno offers monthly packages for car subscription plans which range from one month to 24 months. Co-founders Amrt Sagar and Andrew Chan, seen in the photo above, were the first to offer car subscriptions in Singapore when they launched Carzuno in May 2021 before going on to further expanding the business, launching in Thailand in March 2022.

If you go down the traditional route for most people of buying or leasing a car, just saving up the large sums of money needed to do so can be a struggle. Long-term leases usually require a large down payment whereas with Carzuno, only a monthly flat fee is required.

The signup process is easy, and takes just three minutes to complete. Carzuno shall then arrange to have your selected car delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours, subject to availability, so you don’t have to battle through traffic or BTS crowds to get your vehicle.

Anyone using the service has a top line-up of as many as 70 monthly car subscriptions to choose from. Nissan March and Ford Fiesta are some of the entry level models available, or splurge on a premium supercar such as the Porsche Carrera 911 and Ferrari 488 GTB.

You can take delivery of your preferred vehicle safe in the knowledge that Carzuno have included comprehensive first class insurance with each subscription. Another benefit for Carzuno customers is not having the hassle of needing to organize servicing of their car subscription or the maintenance: this is all taken care of, no matter which car you go for.

Carzuno’s 100% digital experience is complimented by the efficient local concierge team that has been assembled, who have been trained to troubleshoot any subscriber issues, and provide best in class support via phone, LINE, WhatsApp, or email correspondence.

Companies May Wish To Consider Carzuno for Business

Business subscriptions are a sensible alternative to traditional company car schemes and leasing plans. Carzuno’s all-inclusive subscription packages are easy to manage because insurance, tax, servicing, and support are covered, making it simple to organize any fleet.

Subscribe for as little as one month and renew on a monthly basis. With its wide range of makes and models, Carzuno for Business allows management the ability to react quickly to the operational changes within a company, keeping business expenses in full control.

Visit Carzuno’s website where you can find further details about their car subscriptions in Thailand, and start benefiting from making use of their innovative services right away.