Volvo Car Grows in Thailand Due to New Retailers

The car market in Thailand keeps expanding due to new retailers in different parts of the country. To welcome the New Year, 3 new retailers will open in various places.

The director of Volvo Car Thailand ensured they want to keep growing in 2021.

Thus, Volvo Car will launch 3 new retailers at once: Newton Prestige Auto, 14 Auto Marque, and Phranakorn Swedish Car. People already know Volvo worldwide because of their high-quality pre and post-sales services. Now, the company will add them to the new places.

Volvo Car is working to guarantee customers will leave the place feeling happy and relaxed.

Therefore, the company will include a Retail Experience and a Personal Service in their new retailers. Volvo is committed to guaranteeing their customers will leave with peace of mind, regardless of the region of the country they’re in.

At 14 Auto Marque, they want to understand the customers’ feelings.

In the previously mentioned retailer, they believe customers’ experience is the most important thing. Likewise, at Newton Prestige, they believe one of the best advantages of Volvo is its security system.

Finally, at Phranakorn, they believe Volvo is a great company to be their partner.

Since Volvo is known all over the world, they have loyal customers that trust them. Thus, one of the essential things is Volvo’s image and its branding power. The company creates a one-of-a-kind experience for every customer.

Thanks to that, thousands of people want to visit Volvo retailers every month, and they are expanding their business.