Nike Opens Their Flagship Bangkok Store at Siam Center

Nike has been impressing their customers since earlier this month with the opening of its largest store in Thailand. Located on the ground floor of Siam Center shopping mall, the retail store by the huge global brand spreads over some 9,000 square feet.

While the selection of shoes and sports apparel by Nike continue to appeal to people of all ages, the new store is about so much more than that. This new store is the brand’s first outlet to offer in-store customization service in the country.

The program labelled “Nike by You,” is a boon for shoppers devoted to a certain style or looking to add a personal touch to their apparel. The store not only allows people to customize their tees, footwear and other accessories but also offers the provision of custom printing the brand’s original designs and logos.

Local artist and illustrator Jirayu Koo has been hired by Nike to design and print exclusive graphics on tees and tote bags.

Moreover, if you are overwhelmed by the options in this gigantic outlet, you can avail the head-to-toe apparel fitting service. All you have to do is a schedule a session with the brand’s running experts and style specialists, who will assess your needs to select the most appropriate items.

Retail stores across the globe are leaving no stone unturned to attract customers. While online shopping had already impacted the business of physical retail stores, the pandemic has worsened the situation for business owners.

However, Valiram, the Southeast Asian luxury and lifestyle retail specialist, seems undeterred by the shift in shopping trends, as they chose a prime location to open this large store.

The director of Nike stores for Southeast Asia & India said: “Nike Bangkok at Siam Center exists to offer everyone the ability to make sport a daily habit, ensuring they are inspired and committed to staying active. The top Nike offerings have been carefully curated for this community, and the store has been conceptualised with multiple touchpoints for a fully immersive and seamless Nike experience that is truly personalised and unique.”

Valiram stated that the store is a “truly unique and immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of retail, empowering consumers to engage with Nike products in new ways.”