JYSK Thailand Collaborate With Ploy Chariyaves on Collection

JYSK is our new favourite Scandinavian homeware store! For anyone who may not be familiar with the Danish brand, they sell household goods such as mattresses, furniture and interior décor, and have been operating in Thailand since December 2018.

The first JYSK store opened in Denmark’s second-largest city Aarhus back in 1979, and that original location still operates to this day. They have since gone on to have over 2,900 stores globally in 50 different countries: their business maintains a firm focus on providing great offers, reliable quality and competent service.

They have worked with a number of well-known designers such as Danish creator Clara Therese Borg Hjelt on limited edition, unique collections. In Thailand, JYSK have recently launched one such collaboration with renowned Thai artist Ploy Chariyaves called “Under Beautiful Blue Sky by Ploy Chariyaves X JYSK”.

Taking Creative Inspiration From Weekend Trips During the Rainy Season

The celebrated Thai artist-writer Ploy Chariyaves credits the liveliness and energy that she has experienced with monsoon seasons coming to an end during weekend trips around Thailand as the inspiration for her work in the collaboration with JYSK. The influence that these forces of nature conjured within Ploy’s artistic imagination have resulted in a unique collection of exciting designs and vivid colours on both fabric and ceramic.

“Under Beautiful Blue Sky” is made up of nine items, which have been designed to enhance JYSK’s existing range of stylish Scandinavian interior décors. The nine piece collection is made up of a coffee cup with saucer, a place mat, a plant pot with saucer, a dinner plate, a dessert plate, loungewear, a bean bag, a pillowcase and a tote bag.

This ensemble will bring good energy to the smallest detail of any house, with the blue that Ploy makes great use of meant to depict feelings of open skies, warmth, stability and relaxation. A mix of cold colours, notably green and warm colours, notably orange, are also widely employed to compliment the powerful shade of electric blue.

A Matching Choice of Colours That Are Sure to Brighten Up Your Home

The orange colour draws inspiration from the “cosmos field” at Khao Chin Lae in Lopburi, “Butterfly, Bug, and Snail” is influenced by the “rose apple plantation” in Nakhon Chai Sri, “green paddy field” pays homage to Ang Thong and Suphan Buri, while the painted pink rose depicts Klang Phana Rose Garden at Khao Yai National Park.

When discussing the collection’s remarkable colour scheme, Ploy pointed out: “According to psychology, warm colours can stimulate one’s appetite and may increase the taste of dishes, therefore, our place mat is decorated with bright and ecstatic colours, similar to our plates that have been painted with rich colours.”

The “Under Beautiful Blue Sky” Collection Is Available at All JYSK Stores

In the first group photo seen below, you can see the fabric items for you to snap up. Go Slow: Navy Loungewear with Snail Decorative Stitch is priced at THB 890, Blue Sky & Blooming: Tote Bag is FREE for any purchase of THB 2,000 or above, Blossom: Green Pillowcase is priced at THB 340, Bright Day in the Garden: Floral Place Mat is priced at THB 169, and Blue Sky Blooming: Bean Bag Stool is priced at THB 1,350.

In the second group photo seen below, you can see the ceramic items. Colorful Petals: Dinner Plate is priced at THB 190 THB, Happy Butterfly: Dessert Plate is priced at THB 140, Slow n Glow Moment: Tea cup with saucer is priced at THB 230, and Blue & White with A Twist: Plant Pot is priced at THB 410.

JYSK have 10 stores and galleries in Thailand, with 7 in Bangkok, 1 in Sattahip, 1 in Rayong and 1 in Korat. They all stock the collection.

You can also shop online on their website at: or visit their Facebook page for more information: JYSK Thailand

Inbox LINE: @JYSKTHAILAND or call their contact center directly on: 02-169-1221