MUJI Concept Store Opens To Mark Anniversary at Central Chidlom

MUJI Thailand celebrates its first anniversary by bringing its philosophy and lifestyle to its new MUJI Concept Store, located on the Central Chidlom Department Store’s seventh floor.

Similar to a replicated MUJI store in Japan, the new MUJI location arrives as another popular destination for foreign and Thai customers.

MUJI also brings some events and invitations to mark its first milestone. With the “MUJI CHIDLOM 1st Anniversary” campaign, the brand expects to deliver happiness and allow customers to enjoy new experiences through a novel collection of products and foods.

Through the new items, including special exemplars released only for this campaign, MUJI also seeks to communicate its identity, inviting its customers to live a new lifestyle while enjoying special offers and a special activity to win prizes.

MUJI hopes to show appreciation to the community through its special charity collection of organic cotton bag designs. All proceeds stemming from these sales will be donated to the Foundation For Children to support education for children and youth in need.

The brand also invites people to check out its Bann MUJI showroom with a parade of furniture, design work, and home decorations.

The new MUJI store also houses a new MUJI Coffee Corner space, bringing a new variety menu such as cakes, many flavors of Onigiri, Japanese bento set, and anniversary “Strawberry Birthday Shortcake” made in a special big size.

Both foodies and café hoppers visiting MUJI Coffee Corners can taste the delicacies on its varied menu, delight their palates with Japanese dishes with a Thai touch, and enjoy the sweet taste of its desserts and drinks.

Shoppers can also have a good time with promotions and special events. With the Lucky Draw activity, anyone who buys MUJI products for 1,000 baht will get a chance to win over 10,000 quality products. Prizes include bead sofa, luggage, aroma diffuser, household items, Circulator Fan (Low-Noise), cash voucher, beverage coupon from the Coffee Corner, MUJI snacks, and more.

Also, those who buy MUJI products for more than 1,500 baht or were born in July will win a pattern of embroidery for free.

If you want to join MUJI for a new experience and celebrate their 1st anniversary with the “MUJI CHIDLOM 1st Anniversary” campaign, please visit the MUJI Concept Store on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom from June 24 to July 10, 2022.

Find more information on Facebook: MUJI Thailand, Instagram: MUJI_Thailand, and Line Official @MUJITHAILAND.