Agoda and Guss Damn Good Team Up for New Ice Cream Flavor

Agoda, an online travel agency, has introduced a very special ice cream flavor called “Your Best Journey,” expecting to encourage customers to travel again as the world, as it starts to revive after a two-year lockdown.

The online travel booking platform teamed up with local Thai artisanal ice cream brand Guss Damn Good to create the new custom flavor.

In order to mirror the traveling experiences and conveniences provided by Agoda, the flavors were carefully chosen to induce a feeling of exploring uncharted territory with enthusiasm, confidence, and comfort.

The milk ice cream evokes a solid foundation of support and comfort for all travelers. With a chunky berry sauce swirling inside, the new flavor represents fresh, novel experiences plus innovation.

Guss Damn Good also added a hint of cardamom as an unexpected and unexplored ingredient, representing the unique and the undiscovered.

Agoda and the local artisanal ice cream brand wanted to celebrate the launch in style. To mark the milestone, Agoda organized an ice cream day at its Bangkok office, giving its employees the opportunity to enjoy a new flavor.

The new “Your Best Journey” ice cream also reflects the best journey of Agoda employees within the organization, as the agency has strived to create a world of travel with first-class experiences for all travelers and tourists through projects developed with the best and brightest minds.

According to Agoda’s personal director Eliana Carmel, the collaboration allowed the company to play with the senses of taste and smell to evoke feelings and characteristics that Agoda hopes to represent in a playful way while offering high quality service to customers and reaffirming its commitment to its employees’ well-being.

The new travel-inspired ice cream flavor will be available at all 12 Guss Damn Good outlets in Bangkok.

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