Thailand Announces Visa-Free Entry for Indians and Taiwanese

As the tourist season reaches its peak, Thailand has exciting news. Starting November 10, visitors from India and Taiwan can enter the country without a visa!

The visa exemption for travelers from these countries is set to last until May 10, 2024, as Thailand hopes to attract more visitors from these regions.

This comes after Thailand’s previous declaration of waiving visa requirements for tourists from China, a decision widely appreciated by pre-pandemic visitors.

As reported by Mint, spokesperson Chai Wacharonke stated, “Arrivals from India and Taiwan can enter Thailand for 30 days.”

This means that residents of these nations can immerse themselves in Thailand’s scenic wonders, historical depth, delectable food, and lively traditions for a full month before heading back home.

Between January and October 29 of this year, Thailand had already welcomed 22 million visitors, generating THB 927.5 billion. Data from the Tourism Authority of Thailand indicate that Malaysians are the leading visitors this year, with numbers surpassing 3 million.

Closely following are the Chinese visitors, tallying at 2.65 million by October 15. Significant contributions to the tourism figures also come from South Koreans and Indians.

The temporary visa waiver for people from India and Taiwan paves the way for even more to experience this Southeast Asian gem.

Interestingly, Thailand isn’t the only country extending visa-free privileges to Indians. Earlier this month, Sri Lanka announced that guests from India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand can enter without visa charges until the end of March.