China Has Activated Emergency Response for Typhoon Khanun

The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters has initiated a level-IV emergency response to counter Typhoon Khanun and dispatched a working group to Zhejiang Province in Eastern China to help locals against the sixth typhoon of the year.

According to a joint meeting held on Wednesday by the headquarters office and the Ministry of Emergency Management, the continuous Chinese operations against flooding and typhoons remain difficult and intense.

The meeting reported that the Haihe River Basin floods are advancing towards the central and lower areas, placing significant strain on dams and water routes.

The ongoing struggles would intensify with an upcoming wave of rainfall, projected to impact Jilin and Heilongjiang in the northeast, as well as the increasingly intricate and unpredictable path of Khanun.

In light of these unfavorable circumstances, both the headquarters and the ministry have called for maximum efforts to prepare for heavy rainfall in the northeast, monitor the progression of Typhoon Khanun closely and be thoroughly prepared.

On Wednesday, Zhejiang enhanced its emergency response from Level IV to Level III due to Khanun, following Typhoon Doksuri.

It is expected to bring heavy rainfall to the coastal province and generate waves of 8-10 meters high in the upcoming days, as stated by Zhejiang’s meteorological service.

The typhoon was located 610 kilometers southeast of Yuhuan City at 8am on Wednesday, carrying a peak wind force of 16-grade near its center. The meteorological service reported that the typhoon is likely to strengthen as it moves towards the coast.

Zhejiang’s maritime authorities have increased safety patrols and are proactively contacting sheltering ships, advising them to take necessary safety measures.

China’s national observatory reiterated a blue alert on Wednesday and recommended coastal provinces like Fujian and Zhejiang to make emergency preparations for the typhoon.

The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters also delivered work notices on Wednesday to the local headquarters in Fujian, Zhejiang, and the Taihu Lake Basin.