Huge Screen Falls on Dancers during Mirror’s Hong Kong Concert

A concert by popular boy band Mirror in Hong Kong turned into tragedy after a giant screen fell onto the stage and crushed a dancer.

Images circulating online showed a huge video screen falling on a group of dancers, crushing one and injuring at least two more in front of terrified fans.

The large LCD screen was suspended above the stage but started to loosen and quickly fell off its support as dancers moved around the place and a man stopped just under the huge device.

In less than a second, the screen fell to the ground and caught the dancer down the middle of his body. Another dancer tried to reach out to help his friend, but the device tilted again and knocked him down.

The performance stopped immediately and people’s terrified screams could be heard throughout the venue. Mirror’s manager addressed the attendees, asking them to leave the arena calmly and orderly.

Hong Kong police told local media that two dancers had been hospitalized after the incident. The injured were conscious and had been admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Later, a local hospital said one of them had sustained neck injuries and remained in intensive care because his condition was severe. According to the South China Morning Post, the other person hit by the huge video screen was stable.

None of the injured have been named so far. The Dim Sum Daily also reported that three attendees had to be taken to hospitals to be treated for shock.

The boy band, which gained popularity in Hong Kong for reinvigorating the city’s local music “Cantopop,” performed at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Thursday night. The concert was part of a scheduled series of shows.

The city’s leader John Lee said he was “shocked by the incident” and ordered the tour’s remainder to be suspended until security checks at the other venues where the band planned to perform were revised. A full investigation into the accident has also been launched.