Phuket to Host Asia’s First Golden Fly Series Edition

Moving towards the kingdom’s upper level of sporting standards, Thailand’s Tourism and Sports Ministry has organized the “Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021,” the first athletic competition of its kind not only on the tourist island but in Asia.

Scheduled to take place on December 3-5, 2021 in Patong Beach, Phuket, the event aims to raise public awareness and give Thais the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique sporting experience while rebuilding and boosting their immunity through physical activity.

Moreover, with the “Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021,” the government hopes to inspire all youngsters to become athletes nationally or internationally in the future.

As the event arrives amid the country’s reopening to foreign tourists, it’s also an excellent opportunity to show the rest of the world that Thailand is ready to welcome them again, thus attracting international travelers and investors who trust in the country’s potential.

The Thai Sports Authority’s governor Dr. Gongsak Yodmani said that Thailand is committed to carrying out various activities to meet its goals in the sports field and raise the national sports level to international standards.

Also, Thailand’s Sports Authority expects sporting events to continually create economic value by circulating funds in national tourism enterprises, promoting a good national image with global sports tourism and demonstrating Thailand’s commitment to developing all sectors and becoming the world’s leading sustainable sports center.

While the “Golden Fly Series” has been regularly organized across Europe, it will be the first time to be held in Asia.

The “Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021” aims to be a sporting event for world records with “The FlySwat Facility,” a first-class running track licensed by Golden Fly Sports that includes pole vaulting, long jumping speed running and tiptoe leap.

The competition, organized in cooperation with state and private agencies in addition to copyright owner Golden Fly Sports, will be completely safe for all attendees, as its organizers have carefully followed measures and protocols to ensure an environment with no health risks amid the pandemic.

All Thais and tourists are invited to join in this three-day event and all the activities that will additionally take place, including exhibition fairs of famous Phuket products, the athletic sports exhibition in the front area of ​​Patong Beach and the Golden Fly Series souvenir shop.

Those interested in the competition who prefer not to travel can also enjoy the sporting experience through live streaming online channels on December 4 via “Golden Fly Series 2021 Phuket” Facebook.