Ukraine-Born Miss Japan 2024 Relinquishes Title After Affair

The Ukraine-born winner of the Miss Japan beauty pageant has relinquished her title following a scandalous report by a tabloid revealing her relationship with a married man.

26-year-old Karolina Shiino received the Miss Japan 2024 title two weeks prior, yet her victory sparked controversy over her Ukrainian heritage.

The decision to crown the now naturalized citizen was met with mixed reactions, with some questioning whether she truly embodied traditional Japanese beauty standards.

The controversy escalated when a magazine released a detailed report alleging she had an affair.

Shukan Bunshun magazine claimed Ms. Shiino was involved with a married man who is known as an influencer and a doctor, though he has remained silent on the issue.

Initially, the pageant’s organizers supported Ms. Shiino, asserting she was unaware of the man’s marital status.

However, by Monday, it was announced that she had admitted to being aware of the man’s marriage and family, leading to her resignation from the title.

Ms. Shiino expressed regret for her actions and for deceiving people, with the pageant’s organizers acknowledging her resignation, according to the Miss Japan Association.

Additionally, Ms. Shiino issued a public apology, citing fear and panic as her reasons for her initial denial in the wake of the magazine’s report.

“I am truly sorry for the huge trouble I have caused and for betraying those who supported me”, she said.

With no successor for Ms. Shiino, the Miss Japan title will remain unclaimed for the remainder of the year, despite the presence of several runner-ups.

Ms. Shiino made history on January 22 as the first individual of European descent to win the title. She moved from Ukraine to Japan with her mother at the age of five and adopted her stepfather’s Japanese surname.

Having mastered the Japanese language and obtained citizenship in 2022, she has fully integrated into Japanese society.

In her victory speech, she reflected on her journey of acceptance in Japan, expressing gratitude for being acknowledged as Japanese on that day.