51Talk Launches Online English Classes in Thailand for Children

51Talk, a global platform in online English education, has made its live, interactive English classes available in Thailand, furthering its goal of equipping individuals with the language skills to communicate globally.

English learners in Thailand can now access engaging, live lessons with proficient educators via the intuitive 51Talk platform, accelerating their language proficiency journey.

Traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYSE:COE, 51Talk, also known as FIVE ONE Talk, was founded in 2011.

It now aids in the English learning of 40 million children across over 50 countries including Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Americas, and Europe, delivering more than 100 million lessons.

51Talk’s platform, specifically designed for young learners aged between 3 and 15, enables parents to select from over 20,000 TESOL-certified educators.

Every 51Talk educator undergoes over 100 hours of professional training that includes understanding child psychology, teaching methods, and second language instruction skills.

Students, when ready to learn, have the liberty to select their preferred instructor based on their ratings, nationality, experience, and the preferred date and time for study.

With one-on-one teaching, students receive individualized attention, helping them to enhance their English skills. The classes strive to nurture an interest in English learning while focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

51Talk’s textbook system is designed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an internationally accepted language proficiency scale.

This ensures each learner’s development is in sync with globally recognized standards and aligns with the Children’s English international examination pathway, providing a clear and quantifiable measure of each student’s progress.

Jack Huang, the CEO of 51Talk, said: “Young students in Thailand are now very familiar with taking online classes as this became normal during the pandemic.”

“At 51Talk we provide a unique experience, allowing children to benefit from one-to-one sessions with a qualified teacher that they choose to learn with.”

“This format gives parents and students the flexibility to plan when they learn, the chance to try lessons with different teachers, and the possibility to review the class afterwards,” he continued.

Jack went on “It’s proven to be very successful around the world and we are excited that Thai kids can now use 51Talk to boost their English language skills and prepare them to talk to the world.”

Across the globe, young 51Talk learners have shown exceptional performance. In 2019, standout students were invited to deliver a speech in English at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

In 2018, 51Talk introduced the Air Class, a virtual classroom that links students worldwide in a single ‘room’ for collaborative learning and communication.

For more information, visit the 51Talk Thailand website