A-Levels Come to King’s College International School Bangkok

King’s College International School Bangkok has unveiled its A-Level programme: Year 12 students will commence the curriculum in August this year while Year 13 students are due to follow in August 2024. The announcement represents an important step for the school with its main goal being to educate pupils in Bangkok at a superior, world-class standard.

Mr. Andrew Halls, a former Headmaster and Honourary Principal at King’s College School in Wimbledon, stated: “A-Levels are highly-regarded by leading universities as they allow students to explore their preferred subjects, that could be the basis of future studies and professions. A-Levels usually take two years to complete, taken by students aged 16-18.”

Indeed, Mr. Halls believes that the close ties between King’s College International School Bangkok and King’s College School in the UK have put the necessary pieces in place for A-Level success: “Good teachers are crucial for successful A-Level studies, and at King’s Bangkok we have a high number of teacher applicants, and great care is taken to select the best candidates for each subject. King’s Wimbledon carries out the final interviews.”

Providing a Wide-Ranging Selection of Close to Twenty Subjects

“King’s Wimbledon was ranked as the most successful boys’ or co-ed school in the UK for A-Level and International Baccalaureate (IB) results. Therefore King’s Bangkok is uniquely positioned to offer students terrific university guidance. King’s Wimbledon has developed crucial insight that will be shared with King’s Bangkok,” Mr. Halls, seen above, also stated.

The Deputy Head of the Senior School at King’s Bangkok, Mr. Matthew Gibson, explained that the school aims to give Year 12 students a wide selection of A-Level options, of close to twenty subjects, including Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities, as well as Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science, Psychology, Drama and Theatres, Music, and an outstanding variety of modern foreign languages for the Year 12 students to select from.

King’s Bangkok’s A-Level studies will also cover a co-curricular programme, an extended research project (EPQ), and a “Living in the Modern World” curriculum programme which has been specifically constructed for students raised in international households, with a considerable amount of focus on those who have grown up in the Kingdom of Thailand.

“Every student can choose what they would like to study since the primary advantages of A-Levels are the level of in-depth study, and the large amount of flexibility for all students. This way, students can pursue academic excellence as well as other experiences outside the classroom, through our co-curricular programme, be it activities, sports, drama or art, which should hopefully lead to lifelong learning and personal growth,” stated Mr. Gibson.

A-Levels are the gateway to enrollment in acclaimed colleges across the world according to the Executive Committee’s Chairman at King’s Bangkok, Professor Sakorn Suksriwong, DBA. “Upon discovering the results of A-Level students at King’s Wimbledon, I learnt that they secured places at Oxford, Cambridge, alongside Harvard, Yale, and Brown,” he said.

“This curriculum would be ideal for King’s Bangkok’s sixth-form students, in their final two years of the senior school. It should motivate them to focus on their passions, rather than spending time on subjects they may not be interested in: my hope is that this would give them inspiration to work hard, whilst reducing stress levels,” Professor Sakorn also said.

A-Level Teaching Personnel With Vast Experience To Draw Upon

The Executive Committee’s Chairman also expressed his huge gratitude and appreciation for the A-Level teaching staff who have been instrumental in students receiving top-notch education. He praised them for having unparalleled knowledge and expertise in teaching the A-Level curriculum, helping students to achieve any academic goals they might have.

“Several of the staff members are alumni of the leading universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, serving as Heads of Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and History. There is a large number of teachers specializing in subjects, who had previously worked at King’s Wimbledon and other well-known schools around the world; in fact we have six teachers who were with King’s Wimbledon, and are now working at King’s Bangkok,” he revealed.

Professor Sakorn went on to explain: “Mr. Andrew Halls, the Honourary Principal at King’s Bangkok, has received the Best Head award and he is the only Headmaster to have won ‘The Sunday Times School of the Year’ award at two different schools. He is the one who chose to introduce the A-Level programme when King’s Bangkok was being launched.”

“So, with A-Levels due to start this August 2023 and Mr. Halls on board, I am confident his experience will certainly contribute to the success of King’s Bangkok’s A-Levels, and to its roadmap towards being one of the finest schools in Asia,” stated the respected professor.

The steadfast preparations for students of King’s College International School Bangkok to be admitted to esteemed universities worldwide are second to none, and the knowledge, skills, and experiences secured are certain to equip them for success in higher education and beyond. The first batch of A-Level students commence their studies in August 2023.

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