King’s College International School Bangkok Aims To Spread Kindness

King’s College International School Bangkok has released its short film called “What Does ‘Thank You’ Mean to You”, which hopes to inspire and motivate people to join in with their mission to build a “Community of Kindness”. The school has invested THB 44.8 million on social impact drives as it aims to develop a more kind and generous group of individuals.

The school’s executives, teachers, parents, and students have together donated THB 15.8 million to support the works of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society, as well as the Willpower Institute. The Chair of the Executive Committee at King’s Bangkok, Professor Sakorn Suksriwong, DBA, says the school can help to raise both Thai education and Thai society through the formation of this uplifting community of kindness.

“We have started with a small but major step of focusing on the use of ‘thank you’ beyond its literal meaning. At King’s Bangkok, a thank you is more than mere words – it is seen as the simplest way to express one’s respect and gratitude to one another and helps people become aware of how much their kindness means to others,” Professor Sakorn revealed.

Nurturing Students To Be Kind and Caring Throughout Their Lives

King’s College International School Bangkok’s short film illustrates the power of thank you in fostering a community of kindness and in guiding children towards becoming someone with a generous heart. The film, which can be viewed on YouTube, serves to reinforce the belief held by King’s Bangkok’s most senior leaders that “a great heart takes you further”.

Mrs. Sarah Raffray, Executive Principal at King’s Bangkok, explained: “We’re an all-through school and we realize that by instilling kindness and the ability to be appreciative from an early age, we empower students to take on roles as global citizens.” Mrs Raffray is on the right of the photo above, with Professor Sakorn on the left, and Dr. Anne Cotton, Head of King’s College School, Wimbledon, positioned in between her two esteemed colleagues.

“In our film, you will also notice the significant role our world-class teachers play in setting a positive example. They create a culture where we observe, we listen, and we act for the good of others,” Sarah went on to reveal. The “thank you” notes have sparked visible joy among those at the school, with students’ faces lighting up when reading the messages.

Saying “thank you” has become the norm at King’s Bangkok, a value shared with its sister school, King’s College School in Wimbledon, regarded as one of the world’s best schools. King’s Wimbledon believes that kindness is vital for building a strong family: it is common for senior students to help juniors and for teachers to assist the students with great care.

“Kindness instilled in the King’s Wimbledon spirit is being passed on from students, to the community and the public. Every year King’s Wimbledon students organize charity events to raise money, whilst many parents devote their valuable time to volunteering for alumni charities and other key activities,” explained Dr. Anne Cotton, Head of King’s Wimbledon.

She added, “Every Friday afternoon, King’s Wimbledon students participate in community and charity activities, like horse riding and mentoring with local organizations and partner institutions. This assists students develop a deep appreciation of their community. Such a value of kindness has been passed on to King’s Bangkok, intending not only to provide a top-tier education but also to create a society of kindness, starting with the school itself.”

Promoting Kindness Through a Multitude of Hands-On Activities

Dr. Anne divulged that King’s College International School Bangkok is highly committed to nurturing well-rounded pupils with warm hearts, who provide helpful contributions to their community. Through interactive activities, kids can learn about rights, responsibilities, and understanding of individual differences – thus increasing awareness of societal privileges and hardships in the community and highlighting the importance of empathy and sharing.

King’s Bangkok has been focusing on fostering kindness in its students through a number of initiatives. These include older students teaching English in neighbouring schools, with others volunteering at Operation Smile where they help doctors to interview patients and record medical data, particularly for younger patients who are in need of their assistance.

The school regularly hosts forums by inviting highly-respected national figures to serve as guest speakers, providing a wonderful opportunity for them to share their knowledge and experience with the students and teachers. Additionally, students at King’s Bangkok often take part in fundraising activities to support needy children in other parts of the Kingdom.

King’s Bangkok has joined King’s Wimbledon in their pursuit of bringing about changes to inspire this new generation, creating a sense of community, and instilling kindness across the board. The two institutions have forged strong ties, resulting in a plethora of activities which the students participate in, such as exchange programs and consultation sessions.

These initiatives are sure to create an array of opportunities for younger students to learn and harness their kindness, preparing them to develop into future leaders who can show off their graciousness and benevolence to others within their communities, and beyond.

Watch King’s Bangkok’s short video here, or visit its website at: You can email via: and call the school on: 02-481-9955.