Facebook Group Helps Those Trying to Get Back to Thailand

The silver lining behind the big dark cloud that is the COVID-19 pandemic is that every once in a while, we are encountering acts of kindness and humanity in their true form.

One such example is a Facebook group that has been formed by foreigners currently residing outside Thailand, who are trying to return to the Kingdom amid the coronavirus restrictions.

The private group is called “Farangs Stranded Abroad Due to Lockdown in Thailand,” and the members of the group share any new information they come across to help each other in these challenging times.

“The group was started to share travel information with foreigners who call Thailand home: husbands, fathers, mothers, teachers and professionals from all over the world. They are separated from their loved ones, families and livelihood,” said Alex Wilson, who acts as an admin of the group.

“I have lived in Thailand for almost seven years and my wife is from Phang Nga. I got my dream job in one of the best international schools in Thailand and signed my contract back in December. Now, I am in the process of returning to Thailand with my wife and two Thai cats,” he said. The 30-year-old stated that their Dubai visas will expire in July.

The group was formed in May, and now numbers over 2700 members. Many of the group members regularly update others with regards to any new announcements made by any of the global Royal Thai embassies, to convey information about the latest criteria for travelling to the Kingdom.

Wilson has lauded the efforts made by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reach out to people across the globe by their efforts to provide English versions of all their press briefings.

Michael Deslippe, another member of the same group had expressed his objectives to focus on retired foreigners who chose to settle in Thailand, but are now stuck in another country far away from their home.