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Apple Vision Pro Wearers Report They’re Tormented by Onlookers

People wearing the Apple Vision Pro in public report attracting stares and attention due to the unique appearance of the $3,500 (approximately THB 125,400) device.

Early adopters of this augmented reality device are posting unusual videos that show them using invisible keyboards and even wearing the device while driving.

Its manufacturer describes the Apple Vision Pro as “a spatial computer that blends digital content and apps into your physical space, and lets you navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice”.

The device offers virtual reality experiences without obstructing your view of the surrounding environment.

Launched in the US on February 2 this year, Apple quickly sold out its initial stock of 200,000 units by January 19, indicating its popularity despite mixed reactions.

Some users have faced criticism for obscuring their faces with the device and have been the subject of curiosity from onlookers unfamiliar with the technology, with frequent requests to try it out, much to their annoyance.

Nikias Molina, a YouTuber from Barcelona, captured attention by using the device to type on an invisible keyboard in the New York subway, and faced a barrage of inquiries from a fellow passenger on his return flight to Spain.

“I don’t want to be sharing”,  the 25-year-old YouTuber told the Wall Street Journal, adding that a flight attendant also kept eyeballing him throughout.

“She thought I couldn’t see her”,  Molina said. “People are just curious”.

Dante Lentini caught the eye of social media by operating his Vision Pro while in a self-driving Tesla, interacting with thin air as the car navigated on its own, sparking safety concerns among viewers.

A cautionary note was added to his social media post, reminding viewers of the dangers of using the device while driving.

Tech entrepreneur and investor Ben Parr reports that about twelve individuals have come up to him requesting to try on the device.

“They definitely ooh and ah when they see the screen and can see everybody around them”, he told the WSJ. “In general, though, I’m only going to let friends do it moving forward”.

The internet, particularly TikTok, is filled with reactions to Vision Pro users, ranging from amusement at their appearance to parodies.

Amit Gupta, flying with Southwest Airlines, received thousands of likes for his tech review during a five-hour journey.

In contrast, there are instances of users walking into coffee shops with the device on and not eliciting any response whatsoever.

The Vision Pro features a prominent headband and a large screen covering the eyes, making for a noticeable appearance.

Reporter Matthew Phelan shared his initial self-consciousness using the device, highlighting the public’s varied reactions to seeing users interact with the technology.

As the device gains popularity, societal norms and etiquette regarding its use in public spaces are likely to evolve.

The Vision Pro allows users to customize their level of immersion, seamlessly blending the real world with the digital realm in a manner similar to a crossfade ‘dissolve’ effect seen in films.