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Meet Ailynn, Thailand’s First AI-Powered Virtual Influencer

SIA Bangkok, a well-known digital agency in Thailand, has recently introduced Ailynn, a 21-year-old virtual influencer, who is expected to penetrate the national digital advertising industry and draw attention to virtual-reality-related business.

The company’s website describes Ailynn as the agency’s first “metaverse” human, going on to explain that she is a “bold, smart, modern, mysterious, yet confident character.”

While there are not many details available about her, she is known to be 165cm tall and has a rare AB blood type, the organisation revealed on their website. Moreover, she has a “cool” character and possesses a great deal of self-confidence.

Ailynn was introduced to the public for the first time last Friday. On her own Instagram account, which has attracted more than 3,000 followers, SIA Bangkok posted a message welcoming Ailynn and AI to the digital space.

“Hello Bangkok! This is ‘AILYNN’ or you can call me ‘AI.’ I’m a 21-year-old Metaverse Human girl. Nice to virtually meet y’all!” it read.

However, Ailynn is not the first virtual influencer in Thailand. Recently, another digital agency,, created the 18-year-old AI model Bangkok Naughty Boo.

The virtual influencer Instagram’s account has over 1800 followers.

The technology strategy has also been implemented in other countries, where virtual-reality influencers have been used to promote brands and products in different niches.

One of the most popular is Miquela Sousa AI, a versatile Brazilian-Hispanic-American virtual influencer. With talents ranging from singing to modeling, the 19-year-old “robot” has attracted more than 3 million followers on Instagram to date.

China also created a virtual influencer called Ayayi. Besides having collaborated with some famous Chinese actors, she models for many national brands.

Rozy, another AI influencer from South Korea, whose Instagram has more than 98,000 followers, showcases her different lifestyles, including travel, delicious food, and fashion.

Finally, there’s Lu Do Magalu, the world’s most famous virtual influencer. Lu appears in unboxing videos and product reviews and has amassed 5.5 million followers on Instagram and 4.2 million on TikTok.

Ailynn hits the local Thai scene when digital advertising is booming. SIA Bangkok hopes the AI influencer to help attract brands that want a more exclusive marketing approach.