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Newly Developed App Can Diagnose Moderate Depression to Prevent Suicides

The Public Health Ministry, the Thailand Health Promotion Foundation, and the Chulalongkorn University’s Medicine and Engineering faculties have teamed up to launch DMind, a new deep learning AI app designed to find out if people suffer from depression.

Data from Chulalongkorn Hospital showed that around 1.5 million Thais suffered from depression, a mental condition that has led to over 4,000 deaths and 53,000 suicide attempts each year.

However, access to mental health services has been hampered by the stigma associated with mental health disorders and staff shortages.

DMind was designed to address such issues. The app, developed by the Engineering faculty, uses deep learning AI technology to accurately assess and detect signs of depression.

For diagnosis, DMind analyzes facial expression, voice, messages, and content, hoping to prevent severe depression and stop suicide attempts, the developer said.

The app alerts health workers, so they can contact all severe cases for follow-up as soon as possible.

DMind was tested for a month by 400 users, 82 of whom were contacted by health personnel and received assistance from mental health hotline operators.

Those who want to download the app only need to access the official Mor Prom LineMor Prom Facebook or the DMind website. Users are then required to click on Truat Sukapap Jai (Mental Health Check) and take a short test to gauge their emotions and assess their physical condition.

The app requires users to allow access to the device’s camera and microphone, permitting the AI “doctor” to interview them. After the interview, DMind can diagnose people with normal, mild, moderate, or severe depression.