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OnlyFans Will Ban Sexually Explicit Content From October

OnlyFans has announced that it would ban sexually explicit content as of October 1.

On Thursday, the company said it would block adult photos and videos on the site, allowing users to post nude content only if consistent with the platform’s policies.

“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” the company stated.

OnlyFans explained that the decision followed requests from banking partners and payout providers.

Banning sexually explicit content is a sea change for the service, which became a major platform for adult content.

Content creators can publish content for free or do live broadcasts, share videos and send messages to users who pay for subscriptions.

They can also earn revenue through paid messages or tips for what they share through their profiles.

Such characteristics have allowed OnlyFans to become one of the most popular social platforms during the past year, especially amid the pandemic.

The website was founded in 2016 and has gained 130 million users since then. Every year, the platform pays $5 billion to its 1.5 million creators.

People can use OnlyFans to post photos and videos related to cooking, fitness or any other topic while charging subscribers a monthly fee for tips or access to their content.

However, the site is best known for being a space where sex workers and influencers can promote access to explicit material and earn money.

OnlyFans takes a 20% share of all payments in exchange for hosting the content on its website.

But the company said Thursday it would ban what it described as “the posting of any content containing sexually-explicit conduct.”

Although “explicit” content is prohibited, OnlyFans said it would allow creators to post nudity “as long as it is consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy.”

OnlyFans’ Acceptable Use Policy prohibits material that promotes violence, lack of consent, rape, and others.

It also bans users from promoting or depicting escort services, sex trafficking, or prostitution.

The company said it would share more details on the massive changes in the coming days, adding: “We will actively support and guide our creators through this change in content guidelines.”

The announcement was met with criticism.

Some people argued that its ban on specific content threatened to alienate some communities that used the platform to connect with each other.

Others also point out that OnlyFans’ decision greatly affects sex workers who relied on the site for income.