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Thai Netizens Celebrate ‘Taking Gold’ in Online Popcat Game

As the pandemic goes on, online games continue dominating headlines and downloads. Popcat is no exception.

It has become a trending topic in recent days, especially in Asian countries, thanks to its simple design.

Popcat was created as a clicker game based on the social media platform Twitter that allows users to earn points every time they click the mouse or tap on their phones’ screens.

It does not follow a story or have daily quests to complete. Actually, it’s very simplistic.

Players can earn points by clicking on the face of Oatmeal, a funny and cute cat, to make him open his mouth with a popping sound.

This is how it works: Upon entering the website, the home page shows a meme of a cat opening its mouth and making a “pop” each time a user clicks or touches the screen.

Moreover, it has a counter at the top that records the number of taps or clicks someone makes from the first time they visit its site, either on a PC or smartphone.

Another notable difference of Popcat from other games is its leaderboard. This engaging game has not opted for common alternatives but has pitted countries against each other.

People repeatedly send clicks, shooting up their countries’ tally within a leaderboard based on the number of pops active users make in real-time.

In short, players aim to show the rest of the world that their country has the best, most dedicated, and fastest poppers out there.

Popcat was created by computer scientists at the University of Sheffield and launched in late 2020. However, its popularity has increased recently.

The Olympics left a competitive spirit in the air, making people focus on winning something for themselves and their fellow countrymen.

Besides, the game has been endorsed by groups and brands in several cities across the globe, making it famous among Internet users.

Last week, the countries that clicked the most to win the game crown were Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

With extreme dedication, each country skyrocketed.

Taiwan dominated the leaderboard at first, but a flurry of pops coming from Thailand knocked the Taiwanese and Malaysian poppers down to second place.