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Twitter Says Edit Button Won’t Be for All Users

Twitter has revealed that it is working to include an edit button. However, it will not be available to all users.

The social media company said it has started testing a tool that will allow users to edit tweets after they are posted. According to Twitter, it has been its “most requested” feature since the platform was launched.

With this tool, tweets could be changed “a few times” during a 30-minute timeframe after they are published, Twitter explained. However, edited tweets will display an icon, timestamp, and label to indicate the original message has been modified.

Users will also be able to see the edit history of each modified tweet, as the feature also shows the posts’ past versions.

According to Twitter, labeling tweets and making a post’s history accessible is crucial because it helps “protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly accessible record of what was said.”

However, the long-awaited tool will not be available to all the platform’s users.

Later this month, the tool will only be accessible to subscribers to the premium Twitter Blue service.

Twitter Blue, a monthly membership service, can be used in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It allows users access to extra features not generally available.

The company said Twitter Blue users would get early access to editing features while testing is ongoing. It also explained that the analysis process would be carried out in a single country before being extended to the rest of the world.

Twitter announced in a blog post that the feature would continue to be tested with a small number of users for a while, hoping to better examine how it will be used. It said he would pay “close attention” to this aspect.

“Like any new feature, we’re intentionally testing Edit Tweet with a smaller group to help us incorporate feedback while identifying and resolving potential issues,” the social media company wrote.

“This includes how people might misuse the feature. You can never be too careful,” it added.

However, some detractors have warned that the edit tool might be misused by users looking to propagate misinformation.