Thai Cabinet Approves One-Year Visa for Medical Treatment

On Tuesday, the cabinet approved in principle a one-year Medical Treatment Visa that will allow foreigners to stay up to one year in Thailand if they seek specialized medical care.

Deputy government spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said the visa, also known as a non-MT visa, would allow foreign patients to obtain medical services for a year without being required to leave to renew their documentation, as is the case with tourist visas.

The Medical Treatment visa will not be renewable but will include up to three supporters per patient. Ms. Rachada explained that the multiple-entry visa holders could stay in the kingdom for up to 90 days per arrival, but they can request permission to extend the period if their medical treatment requires it.

To be eligible, each patient must show medical certificates, which must be issued by public or private hospitals or medical institutes in the government sector. They must also submit bank statements of at least 800,000 baht and have an accident and Covid-19 coverage for at least $100,000 (3 million baht).

Foreigners must also schedule appointments with their hospitals at least 30 days before applying for the visa.

Ms. Rachada said that the government’s decision is in line with its policy of converting and promoting Thailand as an international medical hub. Also, authorities expect it to improve the country’s competitiveness in the world market.

Foreign patients who can apply for the new visa include all those needing medical services in areas that Thai experts had mastered, such as anti-aging medicine, plastic surgery, health rehabilitation, cancer treatment, cardiovascular disease treatment, and dentistry.