1 Killed, 4 Injured in Train-Truck Collision at Railroad Crossing

A northbound train collided with a trailer truck at a railroad crossing on Friday evening, resulting in the death of the train’s driver and leaving four passengers injured.

Train No. 109 had embarked from Krung Thep Aphiwat station in Bangkok that afternoon. Its destination was Chiang Mai, but it was abruptly halted in the Chumsaeng district of Nakhon Sawan due to the unfortunate accident.

Eyewitness accounts reveal a harrowing scene: the train, speeding along its path, encountered a trailer truck struggling to cross the tracks. The truck, laden with a heavy backhoe loader, failed to clear the crossing in time.

This delay resulted in a violent collision, causing the truck to overturn and be dragged for approximately 400 meters along the track by the train’s forceful momentum.

Additionally, in the aftermath of the collision, the backhoe loader toppled from its carrier and landed overturned beside the track, adding to the chaotic scene.

A member of the Sawang Chumsaeng Rescue Foundation reported on the severity of the impact. The train’s front was severely damaged, leading to the instantaneous death of the driver, who was later identified as Pradit Phromma.

In response to the disaster, the State Railway of Thailand temporarily closed the railway section stretching from Plakot to Chumsaeng stations within Nakhon Sawan province.

This measure was taken to facilitate the removal of the wreckage from the tracks. The authorities anticipated that the route would be cleared and operational by Saturday morning.