80 Indian Nationals Arrested in Pattaya Hotel Gambling Raid

Eighty Indian gamblers were among individuals arrested by authorities during a raid at a high-end hotel in Pattaya early Monday morning.

Police Major General Kampol Leelaprapaporn, head of the Chon Buri police, reported that the operation took place around 12:15 am at Asia Pattaya Hotel, located on Soi Phra Tamnak 4 in tambon Nong Prue, Bang Lamung district.

The raid followed information that several Indian nationals had reserved accommodations from April 27 to May 1 at the hotel and rented a conference space named “Sampao” for gambling purposes.

Upon arrival, officers discovered numerous individuals engaged in baccarat and blackjack games within the “Sampao” room.

The gamblers attempted to flee upon noticing law enforcement, but their efforts proved fruitless. Authorities detained 93 people, including 83 Indian, six Thai, and four Myanmar nationals.

Among those arrested, 80 were Indian gamblers, while the remaining were organizers and employees.

Police seized four baccarat tables, three blackjack tables, 25 card decks, 209,215,000 chips, 160,000 Indian rupees, eight security cameras, 92 cell phones, three laptops, one iPad, and three card dealing machines.

A ledger containing records of gambling debts, which indicated approximately 1,000 million rupees in outstanding credits, was also seized.

Additionally, there were four locations designated for serving “baraku.”

Sitranan Kaewlor, 32, informed authorities that she supervised the lodging and gambling site, and disclosed that the Indian tourists paid 50,000 baht each.

The gambling room’s rental fee amounted to 120,000 baht and operated from 1 pm to 6 am. Hotel employees were prohibited from entering the space.

Ms. Sitranan mentioned that a Thai man named Pakin was responsible for providing food and cleaning services. She also revealed that all gambling equipment, including card dealers, had been imported from India.

All 93 detainees, comprising the 80 Indian gamblers, as well as the seized items, were turned over to Pattaya police investigators for legal proceedings related to illegal gambling and other associated charges.