A Swiss Man Apologizes After Kicking Thai Doctor in Phuket

A Swiss man has apologized at a police station in Phuket this morning for an incident in which he kicked a female Thai doctor.

This follows a complaint lodged by 26-year-old Doctor Tharndao Jandam, or “Dr. Pai,” against a Swiss man for allegedly kicking her in the back while she and a friend were seated on a stairway near the beach in Phuket’s Thalang District.

She stated that no Thai person deserved to be treated with such disrespect.

Dr. Pai, who is currently working at Dibuk Hospital, reported that she was enjoying the full moon on Makha Bucha Day, February 24, when she was unexpectedly kicked in the back by the Swiss man, Mr. Fehr, aged 45, who then rudely demanded she leave the area.

The situation escalated when Mr. Fehr’s Thai spouse arrived at the scene and threatened that Dr. Pai could face arrest for trespassing, asserting that “Thais can apologize to Farang (foreigner), but no Farang needs to say sorry to Thai people.”

On February 29, the Chief of Thalang District visited a villa located at Yamu Beach in the Pa Klok Subdistrict to investigate a dispute that had occurred between a Thai and a foreigner.

It was discovered that the villa’s beach staircase construction was illegal, with steps 2 to 4 encroaching on public land, leading to an order for immediate corrective action within three days.

The Thalang police were alerted to the incident on February 24 by the Swiss man’s wife, according to Pol. Col. Nikorn Chuthong, the station’s superintendent. Despite attempts to mediate the conflict, a mutual agreement remained elusive.

As a result, the police suggested that Dr. Tharndao undergo a medical examination and file a report on February 25. Pol. Col. Nikorn assured that the police were impartial in the matter.

On the morning of February 29, investigators conducted interviews with the doctor to collect witness accounts, medical records, and additional evidence for the legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, the Swiss individual was scheduled to meet with the investigating officer at 10 a.m. this morning.

In an interview with the press, Dr. Pai expressed her determination to pursue the legal process to its fullest extent. She insisted that such experiences should not happen to any Thai individual.

The revelation that the Swiss man’s wife had a son in the police force, acquainted with higher-ups, along with their substantial wealth, caused her considerable stress and anxiety. Hence, she felt compelled to seek justice and equitable treatment under the law as a Thai national.

“He is a foreigner who lives in Thailand, earns his living with Thais, and works in Thailand. Even if he helps elephants, does that mean he can harm a woman?

“We should not discriminate against anyone as ‘just a local,’ no matter how rich he is. We should respect each other more. We should live together with respect instead of discriminating against each other,” she said.

Dr. Pai also mentioned her ongoing back pain from the incident, necessitating hospital treatment, and expressed gratitude for the support in her quest for justice.

During the meeting with the officers this morning, Mr. Fehr apologized to Dr. Pai and claimed that the kick was accidental, although video footage filmed on the night suggests otherwise.