“Am Cyanide”: Accused Serial Killer Charged with 11 Murders

Dubbed “Am Cyanide” by the press, the pregnant woman who is accused of being a serial killer has been charged with 11 counts of premeditated murder, while the police investigate the extent of her alleged crimes.

Authorities suspect that 36-year-old Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn is responsible for the poisoning of at least 15 individuals, with one survivor among them.

They have gathered sufficient evidence to bring numerous charges against the ex-spouse of a high-ranking police official.

Sararat, who is currently four months pregnant, has become the center of Thailand’s 2023 true crime fixation.

She is accused of murdering friends, lovers, law enforcement officers, their spouses, and educators, among others. In the majority of cases, the primary motive appears to be financial gain.

The majority of her alleged victims suffered heart failure or aneurysms. According to the U.S. CDC, cyanide exposure “harms the brain and heart, and may cause coma and death.”

The earliest charge against her dates back to August 2020. The most recent occurred on April 14th, when Siriporn “Koi” Kanhawong’s death in Ratchaburi province initially raised suspicions about Sararat.

She is facing charges of murder and theft related to Siriporn’s case, as well as first-degree murder charges in connection with the deaths of multiple individuals.

These individual include police Lt. Col. Nipa Saenchan (April 1, 2023; Nakhon Pathom), her boyfriend Sutthisak “Dae” Phoonkhwan (March 12, 2023; Udon Thani), Pusadee Samboonmee (Nov. 20, 2022; Nakhon Pathom), Maneerat Pojanat and (Sept. 10, 2022; Nakhon Pathom).

Other victims include Kanika Tularat (Sept. 12, 2022; Kanchanaburi), Chanrat Wongkraisin (Aug. 15, 2022; Phetchaburi), Rajarin Ninhoi (Aug. 10, 2022, Samut Sakhon), police Capt. Kanda Torai (Aug. 10, 2022; Nakhon Pathom), Surat Toraphap (Jan. 6, 2021; Kanchanaburi), and Nittaya Kaewbupha (Aug. 22, 2020; Nakhon Pathom).

Sararat has been charged with the attempted murder of Kantima Paesa-ard (September 2022, Kanchanaburi), the spouse of a police officer who survived the poisoning.

Yesterday, the mother of a woman who passed away seven years ago in Bangkok accused Sararat of murdering her 37-year-old daughter, as per press accounts.

Investigators are also looking into the death of Sawitree “Nim” Butrsirirak (Nov. 25, 2020, Bueng Kan).

Sawitree’s police officer husband reported that Sararat had borrowed over THB100,000 (US$3,000) from his wife before sending her diet pills. “My wife bled from her mouth, her lips and nails became dark,” Sgt. Nitipon Nuchit informed journalists.

Sararat was arrested a week ago at the Government Complex on Bangkok’s Chaeng Watthana Road.

Authorities have stated that Sararat’s sister, who owned the pharmacy that supplied the accused serial killer with cyanide, was not involved in the homicides.