Bangkok Voters Already Know Who They Want As Governor

Suan Dusit’s latest poll suggests that surprises on polling day are unlikely, as Bangkok’s residents have already decided who to vote for the capital’s new governor.

From Monday to Wednesday this week, Suan Dusit asked 1,118 eligible voters if they would reconsider which candidate they intended to support before going to the electoral college.

But the results published on Thursday showed that 91.67% of those surveyed were sure that they would not change their mind and expect to vote for the same candidate, while only 8.33% said they might have doubts before May 22.

Pornpan Buathong, one of the survey’s leading researchers, revealed that experts did not expect the settled choice percentage to be so high and added: “Voters have already made up their minds. They have settled on their choice.”

Suan Dusit’s last census before Bangkok residents elect a new governor also concluded that 80.47% of respondents did not consider that opinion polls’ results influence their decision.

According to the latest results, former transportation minister Chadchat Sittipunt remains ahead of other candidates with 40.25% support.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party representative Suchatvee Suwansawat remained in second place with 15.47%, slightly ahead of outgoing appointed governor Aswin Kwanmuang, who had 13.95%.

Move Forward Party’s Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn had 11.09% support, followed by former Bangkok Deputy Governor Sakoltee Phattiayakul with 4.29%. Former senator Rosana Tositrakul and the Thai Sang Thai Party’s Sita Divari had 1.52% and 0.98%, respectively.

Suan Dusit’s findings are similar to the results obtained by Nida Poll from the National Institute of Development Administration. Its poll published on May 1 showed that Mr. Chadchat leads the candidates’ group, rising in support percentage from 38.84% recorded in April to 44.58% this month.

In Nida Poll’s polls, Pol Gen Aswin was slightly ahead of Mr. Suchatvee with 11.27% support in May after having 10.06% in April.

Official reports from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration say the capital has 4,374,131 eligible voters, including 16% of first-time voters. Suan Dusit’s poll also showed that new voters primarily support Mr. Wiroj.