Cabaret Shows Back to Life As Pattaya Nighttime Venues Reopen

The beach town of Pattaya has received an avalanche of Thai and foreign visitors eager to enjoy the cabaret shows during the famous theater Alcazar’s reopening.

The Alcazar Cabaret Show Theater, world-renowned for its elegant performances and high-tech colorful light shows, attracted a crowd of patrons, especially Indian nationals, on Friday night.

The majestic event was held for the first time in two years following the government’s announcement to lift strict restrictions on bars, pubs, karaoke rooms and other nighttime venues from June 1.

According to Alcazar’s executive Pawin Phetterakul, the theater guarantees the highest health standards since it reopened under the measures required by the Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) after a prolonged closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the theater received some Thai visitors, most patrons were Indian, Vietnamese, and South Korean citizens, Mr. Pawin added.

The sheer number of customers -with all seats reserved for the first night only- exceeded their expectations. The executive stated that he does not expect things to improve from pre-pandemic levels but that what he most desires is for more tourists to visit Pattaya.

Mr. Pawin also said that he hoped to see a greater variety of open places in addition to beaches to attract more tourists, adding that visitors were now grumbling that there were only a few things to see in the city.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, several businesses were forced to close, and some may never return due to the negative impact the pandemic had on their finances and operations.

However, many international visitors would return to Pattaya if more entertainment places opened like before, he noted.

Meanwhile, the attractive cabaret performers expressed joy at returning to the famed stage, saying they were very happy to return to performing after a devastating pandemic turned their lives upside down and forced them to find other jobs to make ends meet.

The Alcazar Cabaret Show Theater will be open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with a daily show starting at 7:00 p.m.

More tourists are expected to arrive in Pattaya as restrictions on arrivals from abroad were also relaxed from June 1.