Central Chanthaburi Is Ready To Open Its Doors Today

Central Pattana Plc recently confirmed that Central Chanthaburi would finally open its doors today, May 26, 2022.

The heart of Chanthaburi will house the new Central project, designed to support the province’s and the country’s economic and tourist expansion in multiple dimensions.

Considered the largest and most comprehensive mixed-use project in the region, Central Chanthaburi encompasses not only the firm’s signature state-of-the-art shopping center but also a hotel, condominium project and convention hall.

The country’s leading sustainable property developer and operator of Central shopping malls describes Central Chanthaburi as its first provincial project designed as a sports destination, touting its 4,000 m2 multi-purpose area.

When visiting Central Chanthaburi, people can find a running track, fitness area, social park, cafes, and a family playground.

There’s also a pet playground, a bike parking area, and four-rai green areas that perfectly complement the semi-outdoor design of the project spaces.

In addition, Central Pattana invites visitors to experience “Charming Chanthaburi” in the new mall through its highlight events, including a parade featuring 150 leading brands such as Adidas, Lyn, Uniqlo, Beautrium, Crocs, Converse, Jaspal, and CC OO.

People can also appreciate Chanthaburi’s local essence through designs and decorations that reflect local art, culture and identity, including Ruan Chanthaboon, Lan Chan-In, Charn Chan.

Central Chanthaburi will also host many festivals, starting with the grand opening event and other activities focused on improving lifestyles.

The Whisper of Charm show will combine ballet and acrobatics inspired by the majestic and bright moo for the Gran Opening. Kasetsart University Wind Symphony and Yaya Urassaya are set to delight attendees with a special version of “Kho Chan.”

Additionally, from July 26-31, visitors can shop and save 50% at Central Group stores and brands thanks to a special grand opening promotion.

Central Chanthaburi is working hard with locals to create jobs and boost the community’s income while promoting the province highlights and improving people’s lifestyles through green spaces.

It’s also committed to guaranteeing locals’ and visitors’ well-being by implementing first-class cleanliness, quality, and safety standards.

For more information on its Grand Opening or other events, check its Facebook profile