Elevated Monorail Pink Line To Offer Free Rides in November

The 34.5-kilometer-long Pink Line mass-transit system is anticipated to provide complimentary trips in November, as per the announcement on the government’s “Thai Khu Fah” Facebook page.

Referring to recent news from the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA), the update mentioned that the elevated monorail system is currently undergoing test phases. Up until now, the tests have been successful.

The initial part of the testing, which extends from the Min Buri station (PK30) situated in the eastern part of Bangkok to the Government Complex (PK12), is slated to continue until October 22.

Following this, the second phase, encompassing all 30 stops, is set to continue until November 19.

Upon completion of the trial runs, evaluations will be conducted by the Independent Certification Engineer (ICE) alongside the MRTA, to establish the operational readiness and security of the entire setups.

Complimentary rides are anticipated to begin approximately in the middle of November, lasting for a month prior to the initiation of commercial services, which are provisionally planned to start on December 18.

The Pink Line facilitates travel between Min Buri and Nonthaburi. This setup features connection points allowing for seamless transitions to and from the Purple Line, the BTS’s Green Line, and the forthcoming Orange Line.

The Pink Line plans to employ a similar monorail train model as the one utilized by the Yellow Line which is currently operational, accommodating four to seven passenger carriages with a maximum capacity of transporting up to 28,000 individuals every hour.

Ticket prices are expected to begin at 14 baht and have a maximum limit of 42 baht, with potential changes aligning with the consumer price index.