Ex-Beauty Pageant’s Rapid Thai Police Rank Sparks Suspicions

A rapid rise of an ex-beauty pageant participant, who jumped from the role of police lance corporal to a police captain in under two years, has provoked doubts about whether this swift rise could be an indication of favoritism within the police department.

As per a message on the “Phuen Tamruat” Facebook page on Thursday, a considerable number of civilians, which include famous personalities and celebrities, join the police force annually and rapidly climb the ranks post completing a 17-week training course.

The message indicated that a female civilian who transitioned into a commissioned police officer commenced her career as a police lance corporal at the end of 2021, only to be advanced to the position of sub-lieutenant a couple of months afterward.

She ascended to the rank of police lieutenant in June of the previous year, and subsequently to a police captain earlier this current month, according to the message.

The message appealed to Move Forward Party spokesperson Rangsiman Rome to advocate for a formal investigation into the purported favoritism in the police force and the abuse of the training course.

He replied on Thursday, stating that the course in question was originally intended for educating civilians who meet the prerequisites to become commissioned officers.

Referring to his personal observation, he noted many bear prestigious family surnames.

He disclosed that he is currently reviewing the rosters of previous years to collect evidence pertaining to alleged bribery and corruption in the irregular enlistment of commissioned officers.

While it is challenging for many low-ranking officers to achieve commissioned officer status, these civilians pass the course immediately and attain that position, he stated.

Pol Lt Gen Archayon Kraithong, the spokesperson for the national police, asserted that the promotion of the female police officer was strictly in accordance with the Royal Thai Police’s standards.