Ex-British Soldier Shoots Himself Dead at Pattaya Gun Range

A former British soldier shot himself in the head in front of the horrified staff of a gun range earlier today.

He arrived at the shooting range this morning at around 11:30am, with his day started by launching 10 bullets at a paper target.

Stunned employees, however, watched as he quickly dropped his head, put the 9mm handgun to his right temple, and then pulled the trigger.

The soldier was found on the ground gasping for air in a pool of blood by the paramedics when they arrived on the scene.

He was sent to the closest hospital in the Banglamung area right away, but he passed away later this evening.

Police are currently questioning employees and other witnesses who were present at the shooting range when the soldier was there.

The personnel said that he had previously visited the range about six times and that he was carrying an ID card with the words “British Army” written on it.

Santat Senkhor, the 33-year-old manager of the facility, told reporters: “I am still in disbelief after what occurred. The British man was a regular client who frequented the range around five or six times in the past.”

He went on to add: “The man used two different kinds of guns today – a small gun and a long gun – and purchased 25 rounds of ammo, neither of which I thought was strange. I gave him my regular service because there were no indicators of anything unusual. He fired two groups of five bullets from a pistol.”

Santat also added: “At the beginning of the third set, [he] made two accurate shots at the target, but on the third shot, he turned the gun to his temple. He bowed his head, shot himself once in the head, and then collapsed to the floor. I immediately dialled the cops.”

Police discovered after reviewing CCTV footage that the soldier had waited outside the facility’s entrance near a pond for around 30 minutes before entering.

The staff said that because “he was a regular client,” they did not think it was anything unusual.

Numerous witnesses will be questioned, according to investigating officer Pacharak Suriya of the Huai Yai district police station in the province of Chonburi.

The officer said, “Paramedics tried to save the British man’s life after he was transferred to the hospital.”

“We must now get in touch with the deceased man’s family to learn more about the real cause.There are several witnesses to speak with as well.”