Failure To Reach Consensus on Legality of Pita’s Renomination

Coalition allies’ representatives, various political parties, and senators have failed to reach an agreement regarding the legality of Pita Limjaroenrat’s renomination for the role of prime minister.

For that reason, the matter will be put up for debate in the joint parliament on Wednesday, the day designated for the second voting round.

House Speaker Wan Muhamad Noor Matha, as ex-officio president of the parliament, called a meeting on Tuesday with representatives from the three parties.

The agenda was to discuss the potential renomination on Wednesday of the Move Forward Party’s leader, who had won the election but was rejected in a joint session on July 13.

Following a two-hour meeting, Mr. Wan conveyed that the three groups involved were unable to reach a conclusion.

As a result, the issue would be deliberated in parliament on Wednesday. To maintain order during the joint sitting, the party whips had received clear instructions.

Mr. Wan established Wednesday as the date for the second voting round for the prime ministerial position, following Mr. Pita’s unsuccessful bid to secure a majority last Thursday.

On Tuesday, Mr. Wan noted dissenting voices against the renomination, citing a parliamentary rule that bars the reintroduction of a failed motion within the same parliamentary session period.

However, there were also opinions suggesting Mr. Pita’s nomination could be put forward again on Wednesday, since it was not an ‘ordinary’ motion, according to Mr. Wan.

As a result, he announced his intention to let the parliamentarians discuss the issue on Wednesday when Mr. Pita will be renominated by his eight-party coalition supporters. He pledged to closely monitor the debate before passing judgement on the renomination’s legality.

The Speaker anticipated the debate to last around two hours and planned for the joint session to begin at 9:30am on Wednesday. “I don’t think the debate will be prolonged,” he commented.

When questioned if an alternative candidate could be put forth instantly on Wednesday, Mr. Wan clarified that there is no parliamentary regulation to prevent such a scenario.

He emphasized that “The process is for the quick installation of the 30th prime minister, because the nation is waiting for a new prime minister to solve its problems.”