Five More Thais Dead, Bringing Israel-Gaza Conflict Total to 39

Five additional Thai nationals working in Israel have tragically lost their lives, bringing the overall death toll to 39, as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The MFA, referencing the Thai embassy in Tel Aviv, mentioned that Israeli authorities completed identifying the victims, confirming another five Thai citizens among them.

As of November 10, the death count of Thai workers stands at 39, with 19 injured and 25 taken captive. Currently, four of the injured are hospitalized.

Pannabha Chandraramya, the Israeli ambassador, and Sakdinart Sonthisakdiyothin, a Social Security Office inspector, visited three injured individuals on Friday.

The MFA reported that the three, being treated at the Tel Hashomer Sheba and Shamir Medical Center/Assaf Harofe, are showing significant recovery. Officials plan to visit the remaining injured soon.

Labour Permanent Secretary Pairote Chotikasathien announced that over 6,000 Thai workers have sought compensation from a fund for overseas workers.

Around 3,000 have received payment, and the rest are expected to get 15,000 baht each within a week. Payment delays for some are due to paperwork issues. Additionally, returnees are set to receive an extra 50,000 baht each.

This payment, approved by the prime minister, also extends to the families of the deceased and workers who returned with re-entry permits prior to the conflict’s escalation. The proposed financial aid is slated for cabinet approval tomorrow.

Regarding travel expense refunds, Pairote mentioned that provincial labour offices are processing the claims. Approximately 2,400 claims have been filed, with 1,100 for airfare and the rest for airport transfers in Israel.

Before the October 7 cross-border attacks by Hamas, around 30,000 Thai workers were in Israel. Post-incident, about 8,000 have been repatriated, while over 20,000 chose to remain despite the intensifying conflict.

Ongoing efforts are being made to secure the release of captives. Foreign Affairs Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara recently stated that the Thai hostages, being in relatively safer areas, are likely to be among the first of some 250 hostages to be released.