Four Quakes Hit Chiang Rai on Thursday, No Injuries Reported

Earlier this morning, the northern province of Chiang Rai experienced four minor earthquakes. The most significant of these was a 3.6-magnitude tremor.

Thankfully, the Thai Meteorological Department’s Earthquake Observation Division confirmed there were no indications of any harm or injuries.

The initial seismic disturbance, registering a magnitude of 3.6, occurred at 00.45am in the vicinity of tambon Dong Mada, situated in the Mae Lao district, and originated from a depth of approximately two kilometers below the earth’s surface.

Residents in Mae Lao, Muang districts of Chiang Rai, as well as in Phan and Mae Suay districts of the same province, reported feeling this quake.

A mere 38 seconds after the first seismic activity’s onset, a subsequent tremor was promptly detected.

This second shake registered a magnitude of 1.9 and originated 3km below the earth’s surface, its epicenter being in tambon Chom Mok Kaew, which is also part of the Mae Lao district.

Several hours later, as the clock approached 3.00am, a third earthquake was felt in the same geographic region of tambon Chom Mok Kaew. This particular seismic event, while milder, had a magnitude of 0.9 and was sourced from a depth of 4km.

Subsequently, a fourth earthquake, with a magnitude of 1.8 and originating from a depth of about 2km, was documented at precisely 3:18am. The epicenter for this tremor was, once more, in tambon Dong Mada, situated within the boundaries of the Mae Lao district.

Despite the occurrence of these multiple seismic events, the local authorities have confidently confirmed that there were no casualties or any infrastructural damages reported.